As security threats around the world continue to grow and evolve, the global video surveillance market is booming. Today’s surveillance manufacturers are responding by creating more sophisticated cameras than ever before. This gives value-added resellers like you the opportunity to rethink the role of video surveillance technology in each client’s physical security plan—both to maximize your customers’ security and to bolster your company’s bottom line.

Video Surveillance Opportunities for Your Physical Security Plan

A countdown of some of the best video surveillance opportunities for a physical security plan.
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You’ve likely heard a growing chorus of manufacturers talking about the “end-to-end” solutions they offer for physical security applications. Compared to non-integrated point products, these systems are purpose-built in order to seamlessly work together, providing both the customer and the value-added reseller (VAR) several key benefits. For any reseller working in today’s security market, end-to-end solutions are becoming an important component of many physical security plans.

Why End-to-End Solutions Are a Must for Your Physical Security Plan

For any reseller working in today’s security market, end-to-end solutions are becoming an important component of many physical security plans.
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As a fast-moving, innovative industry, the world of physical security is always evolving. Today, one of the biggest trends is the growing demand for integrated security systems: solutions that provide comprehensive security for the end user, from video surveillance to intrusion alarms and access control, rather than utilizing multiple stand-alone devices that do not work together.

A Look at the Growing Demand for Integrated Security Systems

It’s no surprise that today’s physical security customer is more likely to request integrated security systems.
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One of the realities of living in the computer age is figuring out where to physically store the vast amounts of data and equipment associated with digital devices. And any time these types of assets are stockpiled in one place, they become vulnerable to theft and vandalism. That’s why for value-added resellers (VARs), data centers are becoming a common source of significant physical security work.

Building a Physical Security Plan Into a Data Center

It’s important to keep several key factors in mind when building a physical security plan for a data center.
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As a value-added reseller (VAR), you’ve likely seen technology evolve a lot over the years. Today, the physical security industry is investing heavily in IP technology—a segment of the industry that was relatively unknown only 10 years ago. As the analog-to-IP transition continues, what types of technologies are you offering as part of your physical security plans?

Which IP Solutions Should You Include in Your Physical Security Plan?

As the analog-to-IP transition continues, what types of technologies are you offering as part of your physical security plans?
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Across the country and around the globe, the physical security industry is growing at an incredible rate. Thevideo surveillance market alone is expected to exceed $42 billion by 2019, while theaccess control field will reach $104 billion by 2020. These numbers are staggering—and they illustrate the incredible opportunities that are available to value-added resellers (VARs) who move into the security industry.

Find Upsell Opportunities with IP Video and Access Control Security

Here are a few strategies for finding upsell opportunities with IP video and access control security.
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The IP-versus-analog debate has raged for more than a decade in the physical security industry, and the scales have gradually tipped toward IP technology over the last several years. These days, not many will argue against the idea that IP technology is the future of the physical security industry. And outside of a few specific verticals, analog devices are slowly becoming extinct.

5 Reasons to Include an IP Based Solution in a Physical Security Plan

Why is it so important to include IP-based solutions in your physical security plan? Here are a few of the key reasons.
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Access control is one of the fastest-growing segments of the physical security industry, with a broadening customer base in a wide range of different verticals. With the access control technology market expected to reach $10.4 billion by 2020, now is the time for value-added resellers (VARs) to carve out their own access control niche.

Access Control Security Market Opportunities for VARs

Discover these access control security market opportunities for value-added resellers.
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The IP-based video surveillance market is growing at an impressive rate, with no sign of slowing down in the coming years. According to 2014 research, IP camera technology should grow more than 24 percent a year through 2019—and the upward trend is only expected to continue in 2020 and beyond.

Why IP Cameras Are a Must Have for Any Physical Security Plan

Discover a few reasons IP cameras are a must-have for any physical security plan.
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