An audit is an important first step in any new physical security job. It can also be a powerful tool to assess security at an existing customer’s facility, especially as new threats emerge and technology evolves.

The Dos and Don'ts of a Physical Security Audit

When starting your next physical security audit, keep the following dos and don’ts in mind:
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Video surveillance is among the fastest-growing segments of the physical security industry, in part because it offers significant benefits to customers of all kinds and all sizes.

5 Steps Toward Completing Your Best Video Surveillance Project

Video surveillance projects can become complicated. Here are the five steps that will help you complete your best video surveillance project.
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Every year, organizations around the globe spend a total of more than $100 billion on physical security technologies. Their goal, of course, is to restrict access to people, facilities, products, and other assets. But are the systems you install actually getting the job done?

The 4-Step Physical Security Audit

Physical security audits can be lengthy, highly involved processes. To get started, follow these four steps.
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Throughout the video surveillance industry, new opportunities are leading to increased competition. For value-added resellers (VARs) both large and small, this presents a fitting opportunity to take stock and assess how you stack up.

Want to Differentiate Yourself in the Video Surveillance Market? Follow These 4 Tips.

Is your business standing out among the crowded video surveillance market? If not, you may need to determine a few ways to differentiate yourself from the rest.
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Developing a physical security plan for a new customer can be a daunting process. After all, this document means to be a comprehensive plan for securing an entire facility or organization—which certainly requires a lot of insight and technical knowledge.

Common Physical Security Plan Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Five of the most common physical security plan mistakes that you should avoid:
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As the number and nature of threats that your customers face continue to evolve, they require the right technology to enable their facility to achieve a high level of security and incident response. However, the systems you choose aren’t the only factor in a successful project; it’s also vital to ensure that you are listening to your customer, looking to the future, and following best practices for each installation.

6 Tips for a Successful Access Control Installation

Before you begin your next access control installation, read over these six tips that can help make it a success.
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Researchers estimate that the global access control market is growing at a rate of about 30 percent a year—an astounding figure, no matter what part of the world you live in. No doubt you’ve incorporated various access control systems into your product offering and are looking for ways to continue your success in the future. But how does your approach stack up against industry best practices?

Are You Following These 6 Access Control Best Practices?

As the access control market continues to boom, now is the time to ensure that you are following these six key access control best practices.
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Across the country, value-added resellers (VARs) are looking into new markets, including physical security, as a way to bolster their businesses in the coming years. IP security technology is a particularly hot field right now and is expected to continue its steady growth through 2020 and beyond. For example, IP video surveillance is growing at an incredible rate of 23.5 percent a year, according to 2014 research, which is a strong indication that the security industry as a whole is moving more rapidly toward IP.

How to Incorporate IP Technology Into Your Product Offering

We’ve identified a few best practices for incorporating IP technology into your product offering that should help to get you started.
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Education is consistently ranked among the fastest-growing segments of the physical security industry, and this year is no different.Recent research finds that physical security spending for schools will be around $324 billion in 2015—proof that security is a leading priority at both K-12 and higher education facilities.

5 Special Considerations for VARs During the Education Buying Season

For VARs, the education market is a distinctive market and requires several special considerations during the education buying season.
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Physical Security Through Ingram Micro

If you're new to the physical security market, or already an experienced security integrator, you'll appreciate our comprehensive product offerings and services. We can help you select the right hardware and software combinations, configure your solutions and even send out technical support engineers for assistance with large projects. And you can take advantage of training to keep you on the blade of the competitive edge.

Establishing Yourself as a Leader in the Video Surveillance Market

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