Preventing Security Vulnerabilities In the Open-Source Software Era

preventing_open_source_security_vulnerabilitiesAs changes in the enterprise computing landscape have called for more dynamic and customizable solutions, open-source software has grown even more popular. The use of open-source software has also expanded beyond the tech-savvier areas of server maintenance and database management and into tasks undertaken by end users in the front of the office.

Such changes in enterprise computing raise questions. Our ebook, Preventing Security Vulnerabilities In the Open-Source Software Era, presents VARs with critical insights into how to help clients make sure their networks are safe and secure, whether they’re using open-source or proprietary software throughout their enterprises.

Download the ebook to explore the answers to some common questions, such as:

  • What are the pros and cons of open-source versus proprietary software?
  • What network security concerns are raised by both models?
  • What steps must be taken around each form in order to provide adequate cybersecurity?

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