shutterstock_262061405.jpgCommand-and-control video wall solutions are as demanding as the information displayed on the end products is critical. Make sure you’re not missing important elements when selling and installing these solutions. Read on to learn about key factors that will help you greatly increase your success with command-and-control projects.

6 factors of a successful command-and-control install

Don’t overlook these 6 key considerations for high-stakes command-and-control implementations.
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rendered.jpgIn an effort to better compete online, retailers have been on a mission in recent years to better engage with customers. One way they’ve done this is to track customers to whatever extent they can glean insights into shopping behaviors and engage with customers. Depending on the technologies being used and the extent to which customers opt in to be tracked, the results have varied. However, more recently, we’ve seen the emergence of iBeacon technology and video analytics, which have proven to be very powerful, effective and capable of driving some unique applications.

Increase your video walls’ IQ

iBeacons and video analytics are powerful, effective and capable of driving unique video wall applications within retail.
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The average person may not take much notice of the television that sits in their hotel room.

Not your home TV: How to choose the right screens for hotel guest rooms

Read how smart TVs can turn hotel guest rooms into new revenue streams for you and your customers.
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shutterstock_386801308.jpgIn your daily dining experiences, you’ve probably come across every type of quick-service restaurant (QSR) menu board out there. Small pizza and sub shops often use individual letters placed on a backlit board. Some small sit-down restaurants rely on chalk boards. Historically, there’s been a correlation between the size of the restaurant and the quality of the menu board. However, due to a number of factors, restaurant owners who are not tech savvy have jumped in and are now embracing digital menu boards.

Even small QSRs need digital menu boards

Selling digital menu boards to small quick-service restaurants is a blue ocean opportunity for VARs—it’s easier than ever, and QSRs can benefit greatly.
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shutterstock_284308823.jpg In our own day-to-day experiences, we’ve all come across video walls. Indeed, we’re seeing them more and more in a variety of implementations. Whether you’re cruising down the Las Vegas strip, waiting in an airport or shopping in the local mall, we encounter video walls everywhere. There are reasons for this proliferation, and it’s these reasons why you should consider adding this technology to your line card.

Now is the perfect time to sell video walls

Video wall technology has dropped in price and has become more powerful and easier to implement. Smart VARs are taking advantage of this opportunity. See how.
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Believe it or not, there’s a big opportunity to earn recurring revenue from small and midsized local hotel customers who need digital signage solutions.

How providing digital signage for hospitality customers can spell big bucks

Read how digital signage for hotels can put more cash in your pocket.
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What Is a Digital Signage Content Management System: A Guide for Solution Providers

At its most basic level, a digital signage content management system (CMS) is a software application that delivers content to one or more digital signage displays.

One way to imagine how a CMS solution works is to think of it as mission control coordinating the timing and delivery of content through a digital signage network, much like an air traffic controller would coordinate traffic at an airport.

What Is a Digital Signage Content Management System: A Guide for Solution Providers

This guide will walk you through the ABCs of digital signage content management system for solution providers.
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The Biggest Pro AV News of 2016...And What It Means for Solution Providers2016 has been a big year for the pro AV market, with strong investments in nearly every vertical. As usual, there was also plenty of news coming out of our dynamic industry, with innovations and trends that will likely impact your solution-provider business for years to come.

The Biggest Pro AV News of 2016...And What It Means for Solution Providers

Take a look at some of the biggest pro AV news items of the year, and what they could mean for you
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The Video Wall Systems Checklist: What Every Buyer Needs to Get Started

The demand for video walls is growing at an incredible pace, with sales expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 19.24 percent through 2020. For solution providers, video walls are an exciting opportunity to incorporate a growing, high-value technology into their product offering. But where to start?

The Video Wall Systems Checklist: What Every Buyer Needs to Get Started

Ready to get started on your next video wall systems project? Keep in mind these key steps.
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Pro AV/Digital Signage Through Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro gets any size job done in just one stop. Big jobs or smaller ones, they have the same needs in common: a lot of expertise, planning and a variety of components.

You don't have time to research and source products from a bunch of different places. That's why Ingram Micro's team offers a unified line card that features the most comprehensive portfolio of in-demand and emerging Pro AV/Digital Signage, digital signage and unified communications products and solutions. You'll find specialized support and business enablement resources, as well as access to a dedicated team of seasoned marketing, sales, business development and technology professionals you need to grow your business.

Interactive Digital Signage Use Cases to Master
Effective Marketing Strategies for Pro AV and Digital Signage
Latest Resources on Pro AV/Digital Signage