Infographic: Digital signage: then and now

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Dec 04

Dec 04


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We’ve come a long way since the early days of digital signage, which were basically a looped VHS tapes playing on a television set. Today, you can leverage eye-popping high-definition displays, powerful software and dynamic content to address the marketing and/or information sharing needs of your customers. 

Markets are more varied as well. Whereas signage was primarily used in retail, today’s solutions can be found in nearly every vertical, including education, healthcare, restaurants and hospitality.

We’ve also made big improvements concerning measuring the effectiveness of a signage solution. Early solutions lacked a means of calculating ROI, while today’s solutions can leverage powerful analytics to provide meaningful insights into a viewer’s behavior.

Of course, these are just a few examples of how digital signage has evolved. View the infographic to see further comparisons that bring us to current day—when digital signage has become a great source of revenue and margin for solution providers.

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