6-digital-signage-content-mistakesYou just installed an amazing digital signage solution for your customer. The LCDs are bright and the colors are vibrant and eye-catching. The displays are driven by the latest, most intelligent content management system available. Everyone is happy as the job is completed.

6 digital signage content mistakes you don’t know you’re making

Go from a digital signage zero to a hero by avoiding these common content mistakes.
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Infographic: Get your cheat sheet for hotel pro AV/digital signage

This infographic offers an overview of the many opportunities to sell digital signage and other pro AV technologies to the hotel market.
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shutterstock_41239444Just a couple decades ago, the only technology you’d find in a church was a PA system. Today, many churches are leveraging an assortment of cutting-edge audio-video technologies to deliver immersive and lively worship experiences to their members. Booming high-definition sound, powerful projectors, giant screens, video recording, videoconferencing, lighting and more all add up to the worship market creating a lot of potential for pro AV solution providers. If you think this vertical might be a good opportunity for your business, take note of these tips before making your first sales call.

5 tips for selling pro AV to churches

Today’s churches are among the strongest adopters of cutting-edge pro AV technologies, but do you have what it takes to sell to this market?
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7-Commercial-AV-Installation-Best-PracticesBeing good at designing elegant solutions is just one aspect of being a real AV professional. You also need to coordinate and carry off the installation with minimal setbacks or failure. With that in mind, here are some best practices that will ensure your next AV installation goes smoothly and creates a satisfied customer.

7 commercial AV installation best practices

Best practices that will ensure your next AV installation goes smoothly and creates a satisfied customer.
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video-wall-blundersVideo walls are hot right now. Customers want them, and many solution providers are hoping to cash in on the opportunity. Unfortunately, in a rush to grab the business, some solution providers make critical, but avoidable mistakes. As a technology consultant II, Pro AV/Digital Signage for Ingram Micro and his experience working directly with Pro AV solution providers, we sat down with Tom Jones to identify some common mistakes you should avoid with your next video wall install.

Video wall blunders you can’t afford to make

Improve your video wall solutions by avoiding these common mistakes.
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proav-makeover.jpgSavvy solution providers will often track the age of technology they’ve installed for customers, so they’re alerted when it’s time to talk upgrades. Not only can pro AV technologies start to fail around the 5-year mark, but it’s also a certainty that the latest generation of products will include a bevy of enhancements desirable to customers.

Are your customers ready for a pro AV makeover?

Here’s how to capitalize on the customers and prospects coming due for a refresh of their digital signage and UCC technology.
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 2-trends-to-look-at.jpgLater this month, the pro AV industry will converge at the Las Vegas Convention Center for Digital Signage Expo. We urge you to consider attending this show to see for yourself the many ways enterprise audio and video are evolving. Whether you follow the event in person or virtually, here are a few trends we expect you’ll see.

3 trends to look for at the Digital Signage Expo

Here are a few trends we’ll see at Digital Signage Expo that will have an impact on our industry and your business in 2018.
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 7-ways-retailers-can-increase.jpgIf you’re looking to provide real value to retailers, help them better engage with their customers. Up against the likes of Amazon, retailers are rushing to adopt omnichannel solutions that can create more meaningful relationships with customers. Progressive retailers are leveraging mobile devices shoppers carry for in-store applications, such as QR code scanning and loyalty apps, gathering analytics and other methods of engagement.

7 ways retailers can increase mobile engagement with digital signage

Here’s some advice for creating an effective mobile engagement strategy that leverages digital signage.
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 menu-revolution.jpgIf you specialize in quick service or fast casual restaurant IT solutions, take note. Digital drive-thru menu board technology used to be reserved, due to cost and integration challenges, to large restaurant chains. Today, costs are dropping, and the solutions are now realistically attainable by smaller restaurants. Tom Jones, technology consultant II, ProAV/Digital Signage, Ingram Micro, took some time recently to explain why this burgeoning tech segment is one solution that solution providers should be addressing.

Capitalize on the digital drive-thru menu revolution

Learn why digital drive-thru menu boards should be a key part of your pro AV solution set in 2018.
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 college-digital-signage-solutions.jpgUnlike some technologies that have applications in a few verticals, digital signage opportunities exist almost everywhere. We’ve talked about retail, healthcare, hotels and restaurants as markets worth your attention. Higher education (college campuses and universities) is another high potential market you might want to consider for 2018.

Earn top marks for your college digital signage solutions

If you’re seeking new digital signage sales opportunities in 2018, look no further than higher education. Here’s how to get started.
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shutterstock_713171215.jpg Let’s just skip to the punchline: digital signage is an exciting industry laden with opportunity. If you’re already a solution provider working in this space, 2018 should be a fun year for you. If you’re not currently working in this pro AV segment, it’s time to get involved. Here are 4 of the primary reasons we’re predicting 2018 to be a breakout year for digital signage.

4 digital signage predictions for 2018

Here are 4 reasons we’re predicting 2018 to be a breakout year for digital signage.
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Learn how to embrace vertical market opportunities with pro AV/digital signage solutions, from retail and QSRs to healthcare and transportation.

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