Podcast: Pro AV/digital signage expert highlights top opportunities

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Nov 05

Nov 05


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If you’re hoping to be successful in pro AV/digital signage, you’re going to have to think outside the box. The days of selling and installing only hardware or simple signage solutions are passing by. Today, in nearly every vertical, your customers are seeking pro AV that’s interactive, engaging and adds value.

The Ingram Micro Advisor podcast team recently spoke with Tom Jones, Ingram Micro technology consultant for pro AV/digital signage, about this very topic. During the podcast, Jones touches on not only opportunities in retail, QSR, airports and healthcare, but he shares specific applications those markets are actively funding due to their uniqueness, creativity, interactivity and value. Savvy solution providers are following the money to these opportunities.

Additionally, the conversation touches on the concept of “techorating,” or using digital signage in nonstandard orientations and display shapes to create original, eye-catching implementations. The move to techorating is further evidence that many customers want more than just a standard signage setup.

Finally, Jones shares details on the numerous training courses and certifications made available through Ingram Micro to help IT solution providers stand apart from their competition. He also mentions how Ingram Micro can support solution providers who don’t have digital signage experience but still want to offer the solutions to their customers and take part in the exciting revenue opportunities.

Of course, this is just a quick snapshot of some of the topics covered in the 20-minute podcast.

Click the button below to listen to the full  Top Pro AV/DS Opportunities Podcast.

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Topics: ProAV, digital signage, Retail

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