shutterstock_713171215.jpg Let’s just skip to the punchline: digital signage is an exciting industry laden with opportunity. If you’re already a solution provider working in this space, 2018 should be a fun year for you. If you’re not currently working in this pro AV segment, it’s time to get involved. Here are 4 of the primary reasons we’re predicting 2018 to be a breakout year for digital signage.

4 digital signage predictions for 2018

Here are 4 reasons we’re predicting 2018 to be a breakout year for digital signage.
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 shutterstock_554312329.jpgWhat an exciting year to be involved in pro AV. Whereas some technology segments have experienced limited innovation and growth, pro AV has been anything but stagnant. Advancements abound in this industry, thanks to healthy competition among vendors, resulting in better, more affordable solutions. Here are just 3 areas that really took off in 2017:

3 ways pro AV shined in 2017

Looking back, what do you think were the most impactful advancements in pro AV this year? We have our opinion.
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shutterstock_728083237.jpgIf you’re a regular reader of our pro AV blogs, you know that we’ve been spending time discussing the great opportunity to sell digital signage to the healthcare vertical. From large healthcare facilities to small general physicians’ offices, digital signage has many beneficial applications and the sales potential for you is huge. However, before you engage with potential customers, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind.

Don’t overlook these healthcare signage pain points

Consider these special requirements if you want to be successful selling digital signage into healthcare.
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Infographic: Digital signage: then and now

This infographic shows how far digital signage has progressed. It’s ready for prime time—and your line card.
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shutterstock_144113662.jpgHealthcare is one of the more difficult verticals to break into, which is why solution providers already involved should strive to maximize their relationships and sell a broad array of technologies. One solution set that’s very appealing to healthcare organizations is digital signage; however, you often won’t know there’s a need or interest in the technology unless you ask the right questions. Indeed, sometimes your healthcare customers won’t even be aware of digital signage as a potential answer to their problems.

Hospital digital signage sales cheat sheet

How to determine if you’re missing an opportunity to sell digital signage to your healthcare customers.
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shutterstock_721794646.jpgIf you’re a solution provider focused on the healthcare vertical, take note. Regardless of whether you’re selling networking solutions, managed services, printers, mobile devices or barcoding solutions to your customers, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table by not tapping into the lucrative digital signage space and easy add-on sales.

What’s trending in digital signage for healthcare?

With numerous applications for digital signage in facilities of all types, savvy solution providers in healthcare are seeing dollar signs.
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shutterstock_56825794.jpg With competition as fierce as it is today, we never want to see a solution provider pass up on a good sales opportunity. However, it happens all the time.

Never pass up pro AV business again

Here’s how you can fill gaps in headcount, expertise and geographic reach to win new pro AV business.
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 shutterstock_566070763.jpgIf you’re like most pro AV solution providers, you’re interested in finding new sources of business. Some look to new verticals. Some create new services to offer. Some expand their line cards. Any combination of these actions can lead to success, but there’s another option you shouldn’t overlook—selling outdoor signage. Costs have dropped, the technology has improved, and customers are interested to the point that LED signage has become a compelling offering.

Seeking more digital signage work? Look outdoors.

Here’s what you need to know to cash in on outdoor digital signage solutions.
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shutterstock_372295927.jpgImagine walking into your next customer sales meeting with complete confidence that the digital signage project you were about to pitch was guaranteed to have a compelling and clear ROI. Having such confidence, and being able to share it with customers, isn’t outside the realm of possibility—as long as you heed the following advice.

Tips to guarantee digital signage ROI

Guaranteeing the ROI of your digital signage solution isn’t impossible—if you follow this advice.
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