We’ve all read news about the rise of IoT and the estimated tens of billions of devices projected to be deployed by 2022, but it’s difficult to understand how IoT might impact your business. What do those billions of devices amount to in terms of sales potential?

4 ways IoT can supercharge digital signage

Create powerful and compelling digital signage solutions by integrating IoT sensors.
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If you’re hoping to be successful in pro AV/digital signage, you’re going to have to think outside the box. The days of selling and installing only hardware or simple signage solutions are passing by. Today, in nearly every vertical, your customers are seeking pro AV that’s interactive, engaging and adds value.

Podcast: Pro AV/digital signage expert highlights top opportunities

Here are the top digital signage opportunities and how to stand apart from your competition to win them.
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If you’re interested in giving a boost to your sales numbers, there might be an opportunity right under your nose. Many solution providers, eager to close digital signage deals, fail to probe to seek and identify their customers’ needs for kiosk solutions. As a result, they’re missing an opportunity to provide additional value to their customers and earn a great source of supplemental revenue. Here are just a few common market applications for kiosks you might be able to address.

6 kiosk opportunities you might be missing

You’ll have little trouble convincing your customers they need kiosk signage when you focus on the tangible ROI.
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airport-digital-signageAs you know, the driving force behind digital signage is the need to get a lot of eyeballs on a message. Markets such as retail and hospitality are an obvious fit, which is why we see so many digital signage implementations in those industries. However, there are other markets with similar needs that you shouldn’t overlook. Take, for instance, the public transportation niche of airports.

Airport digital signage opportunity now arriving

Pro AV solution providers seeking new opportunities should address the diverse signage needs of the airport market.
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shutterstock_1115003423Most pro AV specialists keep an eye on trends and new potential sales opportunities. While markets such as hospitality catch a lot of attention, there are other niches that can provide a healthy boost to your revenue if you take the time to understand the market needs and educate yourself on how to deliver the right solutions to address those needs.

Set your sights on command-and-control installs

Poised for growth across many verticals, the command-and-control market is a significant opportunity for pro AV/digital signage solution providers.
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all-aboardWhen Amazon announced its intention to create a second headquarters in North America, many cities began battling for the chance to be selected. Of course, Amazon has a lengthy list of things it’s looking for in its “HQ2” city. One important characteristic is an efficient mass transit system to allow commuters to get to and from the office.

All aboard! Public transportation needs digital signage solutions

An increase in public transportation in smart cities and booming metro centers has opened the door for solution providers focused on pro AV solutions.
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6-digital-signage-content-mistakesYou just installed an amazing digital signage solution for your customer. The LCDs are bright and the colors are vibrant and eye-catching. The displays are driven by the latest, most intelligent content management system available. Everyone is happy as the job is completed.

6 digital signage content mistakes you don’t know you’re making

Go from a digital signage zero to a hero by avoiding these common content mistakes.
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7-Commercial-AV-Installation-Best-PracticesBeing good at designing elegant solutions is just one aspect of being a real AV professional. You also need to coordinate and carry off the installation with minimal setbacks or failure. With that in mind, here are some best practices that will ensure your next AV installation goes smoothly and creates a satisfied customer.

7 commercial AV installation best practices

Best practices that will ensure your next AV installation goes smoothly and creates a satisfied customer.
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video-wall-blundersVideo walls are hot right now. Customers want them, and many solution providers are hoping to cash in on the opportunity. Unfortunately, in a rush to grab the business, some solution providers make critical, but avoidable mistakes. As a technology consultant II, Pro AV/Digital Signage for Ingram Micro and his experience working directly with Pro AV solution providers, we sat down with Tom Jones to identify some common mistakes you should avoid with your next video wall install.

Video wall blunders you can’t afford to make

Improve your video wall solutions by avoiding these common mistakes.
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 2-trends-to-look-at.jpgLater this month, the pro AV industry will converge at the Las Vegas Convention Center for Digital Signage Expo. We urge you to consider attending this show to see for yourself the many ways enterprise audio and video are evolving. Whether you follow the event in person or virtually, here are a few trends we expect you’ll see.

3 trends to look for at the Digital Signage Expo

Here are a few trends we’ll see at Digital Signage Expo that will have an impact on our industry and your business in 2018.
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 7-ways-retailers-can-increase.jpgIf you’re looking to provide real value to retailers, help them better engage with their customers. Up against the likes of Amazon, retailers are rushing to adopt omnichannel solutions that can create more meaningful relationships with customers. Progressive retailers are leveraging mobile devices shoppers carry for in-store applications, such as QR code scanning and loyalty apps, gathering analytics and other methods of engagement.

7 ways retailers can increase mobile engagement with digital signage

Here’s some advice for creating an effective mobile engagement strategy that leverages digital signage.
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Learn how to embrace vertical market opportunities with pro AV/digital signage solutions, from retail and QSRs to healthcare and transportation.

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