proav-makeover.jpgSavvy solution providers will often track the age of technology they’ve installed for customers, so they’re alerted when it’s time to talk upgrades. Not only can pro AV technologies start to fail around the 5-year mark, but it’s also a certainty that the latest generation of products will include a bevy of enhancements desirable to customers.

Are your customers ready for a pro AV makeover?

Here’s how to capitalize on the customers and prospects coming due for a refresh of their digital signage and UCC technology.
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 menu-revolution.jpgIf you specialize in quick service or fast casual restaurant IT solutions, take note. Digital drive-thru menu board technology used to be reserved, due to cost and integration challenges, to large restaurant chains. Today, costs are dropping, and the solutions are now realistically attainable by smaller restaurants. Tom Jones, technology consultant II, ProAV/Digital Signage, Ingram Micro, took some time recently to explain why this burgeoning tech segment is one solution that solution providers should be addressing.

Capitalize on the digital drive-thru menu revolution

Learn why digital drive-thru menu boards should be a key part of your pro AV solution set in 2018.
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Pro AV/Digital Signage Through Ingram Micro

Learn how to embrace vertical market opportunities with pro AV/digital signage solutions, from retail and QSRs to healthcare and transportation.

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