Ironwolf — the Power of Agility, for Everything NAS

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Oct 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Oct 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM


The Power of Agility: Seagate is proud to introduce the new IronWolf and IronWolf Pro hard drives for NAS and RAID, part of our new Guardian Series of highly engineered storage drives.

Best in packs, IronWolf is designed to solve consumers’ myriad NAS storage needs through heavily researched, optimized, and purpose-built products. With AgileArray built in, it’s designed to sustain high levels of performance while enduring a 24/7 workload, equipped with rotational vibration (RV) sensors for enclosures with multiple operating drives.

Our guardian, IronWolf, represents the fundamental spirit of NAS and RAID storage—drives that work together to create responsive and reliable storage for multiple users and heavy workloads.

IronWolf is performance-tuned for creative professionals, hard-core gamers, home tech enthusiasts, and of course, businesses that need 24/7 dependable NAS solutions.

Creative Professionals: Be creative anywhere with IronWolf in your NAS.

For growing agencies that need more storage, IronWolf is built for NAS scalability, providing reliable and extendable storage to keep creative businesses on schedule. IronWolf is great for 24×7 remote access, backups and file sharing, making it easy to share ideas from anywhere.

Gamers: Lead the pack with IronWolf-equipped NAS.

Modern gaming PCs and gaming consoles do double duty as home media servers, but limited storage makes it challenging to keep every file locally-stored. Gamers can move music and videos to an NAS-equipped with IronWolf, and use it as a storage target for media streaming. With capacities from 1TB to 10TB, users will be able to stream all the content they want from their NAS to their PCs or game consoles to view it in HD or on TV.

Home tech enthusiasts can now dominate their own NAS media empire.

IronWolf leads the class in storage capacity with drives as large as 10TB, and the performance needed to run high-definition content with an NAS. It functions as a “home cloud,” giving home tech enthusiasts the ability to store thousands of full-length HD films and even more photographs on a private server.

Business Leaders and IT Managers can grow their businesses with an optimized NAS.

A thriving small business needs storage that can thrive with it. IronWolf is optimized for NAS in multi-RAID environments that not only handle the vibration, but also handle the high user workload rate in a high-data traffic network. Enter multiuser technology—providing up to 180TB a year for IronWolf.

IronWolf’s agility makes it the only best-fit storage for NAS applications.

IronWolf is built with AgileArray and optimized to deliver agile performance for always-accessible NAS systems with 1 to 8 drive bays. Because it’s purpose-built, it brings many advantages over other drives for use in an NAS:





  • RV sensors and dual-plane balancing dampen and minimize vibrations, resulting in a more consistent performance.
  • Error recovery control helps drives comply with NAS server requirements for better data integrity, ensuring it remains active in a RAID environment.
  • Advanced power profiles provide low power options for always-on NAS applications.
  • 3-year limited warranty ensures you can rest easy with your drive choice.
  • Available with Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

IronWolf Pro—in addition to the features above:

  • IronWolf Pro has been tested and certified to run 24/7, always on, always accessible for multiple users.
  • Optimized with multiuser technology allowing for high user workload rates of 300TB a year.
  • NAS-optimized performance for higher write workloads.
  • Humidity sensors allow for reliable and efficient operation in all environments.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

IronWolf is performance-tuned to the workloads of always-on NAS systems. The massive 10TB IronWolf Pro supports even more users and workloads, with the highest levels of consistent performance. Seagate’s IronWolf will enhance every NAS and RAID system, whether for business, creativity or entertainment.

Get a better look at what the power of agility can mean for your NAS and RAID customers.