The Guardian Series: a Legacy of Leading Technology, Purpose-Built for the Future

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Oct 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Oct 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM


Seagate is proud to introduce our new series of highly engineered storage: The Guardian Series of internal drives. The launch of the series also aligns with the achievement of a key storage technology milestone: the introduction of high-performance 10TB-capacity drives across an entirely new product portfolio.

With decades of innovation now pointed directly at the future, our products are truly engineered and optimized for customers’ specific needs to preserve, access and maximize the value of their data. Seagate’s streamlined and simplified portfolio naming is inspired by the concept that “data is alive” and draws added inspiration from the elements around us—the land, sea and air.

The Guardian Series includes the BarraCuda line of personal computing and gaming drives (including the FireCuda SSHD combining flash with HDD), the IronWolf line of NAS and RAID drives and the SkyHawk line of video security and surveillance drives.

Seagate’s new 10TB product brand names represent the next phase of the company’s corporate rebrand unveiled at CES in 2015, in which Seagate introduced our new “Living Logo” that visually captures the idea that data is most valuable when it is alive and in motion. The new Guardian Series names more directly link this living data concept to Seagate’s foundational technologies.

Of animals and elements

Why did we choose animals and elements to create the names of the new Guardian Series?

The names bring back the legacy of our hugely popular BarraCuda desktop drive. From there, we draw inspiration from the concepts of data being alive, and the elements around us enduring—and the animal guardians we selected match our products’ use cases in a very natural and fluid way: the power and tenacity of the wolf matched with the legacy of big iron, for example, and the vigilance and extraordinary perception of the hawk high in the sky, noticing the smallest movement below.

To wit:

BarraCuda—Compute and Gaming




BarraCuda represents the revival of a beloved and renowned brand name in the desktop and client markets. It evokes the sense of speed, accuracy and power that our new 10TB client products offer. The BarraCuda family also includes the new FireCuda SSHD.

IronWolf—NAS and RAID

IronWolf for NAS applications combines the characteristics of Iron—tough, strong, durable and reliable—with the characteristics of a wolf, a strategically minded predator that travels in packs.

SkyHawk—Video Security and Surveillance

SkyHawk for video security and surveillance applications evokes the notion of a hawk watching the vast expanse of the world around it from on high—and always ready for action.

Designed to respond to and better meet the needs of end users and our channel partners, the Guardian Series also represents Seagate’s effort to simplify and consolidate several product lines—to make it easier to determine the right product for the right use. The consolidation of our product line into three main use-cases, each with its own unique identifier, will provide you with the clarity you need to recommend the appropriate products to your customers.

At Seagate, we’re inspired by the beauty of life and energized by the ever-increasing role that data plays in all that we accomplish and aspire to achieve. With the creation of The Guardian Series, we welcome users to engage, create and store with the BarraCuda, IronWolf and SkyHawk—to make the most of everything this world has to offer.

See for yourself how this new breed of hard drives leads the pack in internal data storage.