Don’t trust that email

This blog with our free downloadable infographic will help you and your customers learn to recognize and respond quickly to phishing attacks when they arise.
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Phishing attacks are on the rise. Do you know how to spot them and respond? 

Infographic: Social Engineering: How to recognize and respond to threats

Download this free infographic and learn to recognize and respond quickly.
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You’ve evaluated your customer’s network. You deployed the best IT security solutions available. Now the inevitable has happened: They’ve been hacked.

10 questions to ask after your customer has been hacked

These 10 questions can help you respond like a pro when your customers' networks get hacked.
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So, you need to run a penetration test (or “pen test”) on a client’s network? No problem. Here’s a checklist that should help you discover potential security loopholes in your customers’ networks.

Pen Test 101: A handy checklist for network penetration tests

Read this pen testing checklist to ensure you do it right the first time.
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By Mickey Woods, Technology Consultant, Ingram Micro

I recently had the privilege of guiding a sight-impaired citizen through the busy lobby of my local gym. This elderly man was in fine spirits but grateful for my help as he struggled to reach the exit. Although equipped with a mobility device, he needed someone to hold on to for a few steps so he could begin the next part of his journey. As we parted, I reflected how fortunate I was for the opportunity to offer my service. At that moment, I understood that even the most accomplished people may need guidance from a trusted resource when facing a new challenge.

Security awareness: Helping others find a clear path forward

Finding the safest path forward is never easy, especially when your choices outnumber viable options. Ingram Micro can help identify security gaps. See how.
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Before you can recommend an IT Security solution to your end customers, you first need to know what their challenges are, where the gaps might be and what their current IT security practices are.

IT SECURITY ASSESSMENTS: Top 10 questions to ask your customers

Improve your IT security assessments and understand customer needs by asking these key questions.
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With an unprecedented number of cyberthreats facing today’s businesses, the need for IT security has never been greater.

Get certified: IT security certifications available from Ingram Micro

Learn how Ingram Micro’s IT security certification can help you protect your customers.
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Everyone knows that when you’re baking a cake, you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen because every chef has their own way of doing things. In the end, you’ll end up with a very messy kitchen and a cake that doesn’t taste like it should.

Too many security vendors on the network? Here’s why that’s dangerous

Many customers have as many as 70 different security solutions on their networks. Here’s how you can protect them from attacks.
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In the world of cyberthreats, there’s almost nothing more dreaded than ransomware. This tool of choice for the money-minded cybercriminal is gaining in popularity. At least one in three companies have now been victimized by ransomware attacks coming from sources like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, and even more are expected to get in on this very lucrative new business of extortion.

7 ways to protect your customers from ransomware attacks

Our blog outlines these 7 steps that could save your customers from the threat of ransomware attack.
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You’ve probably noticed that cybersecurity is in high demand. And is it any wonder? Cybercrime is on the rise. Recently, the World Economic Forum estimated the cost of cybercrime to be $3 trillion worldwide.

Top 5 Hot Software Security Training's in 2017

Advanced cyberthreats are driving demand for certified security professionals. Here are the top 5 hot software security training's for 2017.
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With the need for advanced network security growing more essential on a daily basis, many companies—whether SMB or enterprise level—are desperate for help. To protect their corporate data, several are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) for help.

Extraordinary cyberthreats call for extraordinary solutions.

Advanced cyberthreats are driving demand for managed security service providers. Our blog will tell you how.
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Ingram Micro Cybersecurity

Ingram Micro is a leader in IT distribution, and cybersecurity solutions and services, providing unparalleled channel support to the solution provider community. Our programs and dedicated resources will help you to market and sell complete solutions across our world-class security manufacturer portfolio. Ingram Micro also provides real-time support, certified technical expertise, technology help desks, online technical help and more so that you can provide your customers with the most up-to-date security solutions and support available. 

Check out our approach to the Security Sales Cycle. We’ll help you to realize your full profit potential, strengthen your trusted advisor status and ultimately provide the best cyberdefense solutions and services for your end clients.

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