Securing the Data Center

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May 30

May 30



How to keep your customer's safe from hackers

Every day, it seems another major hacking scandal is in the news. As hackers become more sophisticated, and as attacks grow more intense, your customers are left wondering if their data is really safe or not.

This is especially true for large enterprise and government agencies that are most often the targets of social engineering attacks like phishing and advanced malware aimed at infiltrating their networks and holding their data for ransom.

Protecting your customers and alleviating their fears about becoming the victim of the next wave of attacks can be tricky.

Here are a few things to remember if you want to keep data centers safe:

Problem: Converged data centers are often integrated with a pre-existing network, which is where security is most vulnerable.

Solution: Installing a next-generation firewall is critical if you want to prevent hackers from accessing your converged data center. By combining the standard traffic monitoring and blocking functions with deeper levels of inspection and packet scanning, most next-gen firewall solutions can preemptively block malware from reaching the network.

Tip: Make sure that the proper access controls are used to keep unwanted users off the network and use active directory services to validate access.

Problem: Hyperconverged data centers are managed through a single panel and are defined—in whole or in part—at the software level. This allows hackers who gain entry to go deeper into the system than in a basic data center system where components are separated and secured independently.

Solution: Be sure to implement more than just the perimeter security solutions. Use more sophisticated monitoring tools that allow you to see a more granular level of activity on the network.

Tip: Implement event monitoring software and security tools to gain valuable info on network traffic and analyze log files to discover anomalous behaviors.

Problem: The use of non-sanctioned cloud-based apps can lead to huge security issues.

Solution: To prevent this from becoming a security nightmare, it’s necessary to create policies and to restrict usage as needed to keep the network safe. Use tools to inform network administrators what cloud services are being used and to monitor activity to avoid infiltration.

Tip: Create BYOD policies to restrict work-issued devices from accessing unsanctioned sites from remote locations, and use monitoring tools to reduce the opportunities for users to introduce malware into your corporate network.

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To dig a little deeper, be sure to download this free e-book, Securing the Modern Data Center: Converged, Hyperconverged and Cloud Solutions."

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