Think outside the video surveillance box

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May 19

May 19


 shutterstock_167309138.jpgWhen most people think about video surveillance cameras, often the images that come to mind are dome cameras or box cameras. While those camera types do make up the majority of installed cameras being implemented today, there’s a variety of situations that call for unique, yet powerful cameras.

Height strip cameras—This interesting camera can be used in any environment or with any customer. Often seen implemented in convenience stores, this device located by the door looks like a simple colored strip or pole with height markers. However, they contain covert embedded cameras that capture patrons as they pass by. In fact, height strip cameras can do a better job of capturing faces than ceiling-mounted box and dome cameras due to their face-level placement.

Vehicle cameras—Another new camera application is being used by trucking companies. In-cab cameras pointed on the road ahead capture video of events that take place in the field. Many manufacturers are implementing these cameras for the insurance benefits as they provide valuable evidence in the case of an event. Unlike typical dashboard cameras, these cameras are protected from the elements, including fumes from the diesel trucks. Of course, additional transportation applications exist. Municipalities are leveraging cameras in school buses to monitor and safeguard children. Taxi companies, as well as Uber and Lyft drivers, are also installing cameras to watch over both the passenger and the driver in an attempt to mitigate disputes.

Covert cameras—In retail environments, covert cameras are being used in stock rooms. Some retailers want to keep a watchful eye on employees in an attempt to curb theft. Some want to ensure security guards are staying alert while on duty. As there are no expectations of privacy in a stock room, using covert cameras isn’t an issue.

Solar-powered outdoor cameras—There are challenging outdoor applications where it’s difficult or impossible to run power to surveillance cameras. In these instances, solar panels can be used to provide power to the cameras, and wireless antennas can be added to send the video over standard LTE, GSM or Wi-Fi networks.

These are just a few of the exciting, powerful and unique camera applications today. Frankly, with the flexibility of cameras and the powerful software available, camera solutions are only limited by one’s imagination. If your customers face a business challenge, consider how the right camera and analytics can be implemented to help them. If you aren’t sure how to leverage video cameras, ask your Ingram Micro rep for help. Security cameras can become a nice new revenue stream for solution providers and a way to get further entrenched with customers. Start looking for opportunities now.

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