The terms “cloud” and “mobility” have become a part of nearly every IT conversation, regardless of application or market, thanks to the benefits both can provide in making solutions more powerful and effective. However, within the physical security market—in both access control and video surveillance—cloud and mobility have been slower to make an impact. Still, things are changing and improving.

How the cloud and mobility are altering physical security

Here’s how the cloud and mobility fit within physical security—and how they don’t.
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Cloud-based access control

Is physical security ready for the cloud?

Don’t overlook these key considerations before diving into cloud-based physical security.
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Cloud computing is no longer the new kid on the block, and the technology has continued to display its advantages—and its savings—to both enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud storage and cloud-based solutions have become go-to offerings in solution-provider portfolios. But despite their being nearly everywhere, cloud solutions and the relationships surrounding them can still cause confusion and, if they’re not managed correctly, can lead to regrettable misunderstandings, if not outright horror stories.

The 3 Questions Cloud Computing Vendors Need to Address

Here are three questions that reliable cloud computing vendors should be able to address for their clients.
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It’s easy to think of cybersecurity threats as something that mainly targets the nation’s largest and most profitable enterprises. In the news, we see stories of the data breaches of massive healthcare and insurance networks, of retailers with thousands of nationwide outlets, and of government offices compromised with complex, sustained attacks, sometimes presumably undertaken by state-sponsored actors. It’s enough to make you think that the little guy, the scrappy, independent small to medium-sized business (SMB), is flying under the radar of the hackers. But that is, unfortunately, not at all the case.

How to Sell Cloud Security Solutions to SMBs

Cloud security solutions are a relatively new use of the cloud, but they’re growing in popularity. Why is that?
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The cloud is one of the biggest trends going in enterprise computing, but springing up right next to it have been a range of security risks that some companies just aren’t willing to take on. With the news of cloud data breaches failing to slow down, companies may feel themselves positioned between, on one side, making use of the convenience of cloud-deployed services and cloud storage and, on the other side, having the safety, control, and peace of mind that come with handling IT the old-fashioned, in-house way. Such worries are not necessarily always unjustified.

Why Traditional Security Tools Just Aren't Cutting It in the Cloud

Here's the reason why traditional security tools just aren't cutting it in the cloud.
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