In the summer of 2015, ransomware seemed to have slid off of the cybersecurity radar a bit. The spate of APT (advanced persistent threat) attacks revealed to have struck U.S. government targets and compromised massive amounts of data were grabbing headlines. The hack of adult website Ashley Madison demonstrated how personal, and personally damaging, cybersecurity incidents can be for individual citizens in an era where we conduct the most private parts of our lives online. And the rash of healthcare cloud hacks showed that the vaunted cloud was hardly as impervious to digital security threats.

How Great of a Digital Security Threat Is Ransomware Really?

Here we'll explore just how much of a digital security threat ransomware really is and how to help clients to keep ransomware out.
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You would probably be hard-pressed, in this era of constant data-breach news, to find someone in a C-suite who would say that he or she just didn’t care about cybersecurity. People in executive roles know that they need to be perceived by customers as hypervigilant about cybersecurity, and they hopefully also understand that data breaches are costly not just in terms of reputation but actual financial losses.

3 Easy Ways to Help Your Customers Think Smarter About Digital Security

These three tips will guide you toward getting your customers not to just think about digital security but thinking about it in the right way.
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You might expect that the generations of digital natives now reaching college would have a better feel for the cybersecurity threats out there than the average older person. But despite kids tapping away on tablets almost from the cradle, and middle school students and high school students being glued to their smartphones, using technology in one’s daily life doesn’t translate into knowing the ins and outs of how something works on the technical end. Young people raised using computers are not necessarily any more likely to intuitively understand networks, or their security, than someone who owned a telephone 30 years ago would understand the switching network underpinning phone calls.

Digital Security Education: Are We Starting Too Late?

Digital security education is key. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, creating users capable of understanding threats and protecting against them is key.
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