A recent study conducted by Wombat Security found that the healthcare industry is one of the most ill prepared when it comes to cybersecurity.

10 best practices in hospital cybersecurity

Get to know the key precautions every hospital should take to reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack.
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If you’re like most healthcare-focused IT solution providers, you’re looking for additional ways to increase your revenue. While some put significant emphasis on sales and marketing for new customer acquisition, others take the tactic of selling as deeply as possible into existing customers.

Does your healthcare solution include physical security?

Here’s how to successfully upsell healthcare customers on physical security, even if you lack security expertise.
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"Healthcare is getting hammered,” says Thomas Norman, technology consultant, Ingram Micro. Ransomware is a fast-growing, highly profitable business, and it’s an epidemic in healthcare. Eighty-eight percent of all ransomware detected in the second quarter of 2016 was in the healthcare industry, according to Healthcare Informatics.

Criminals have embraced the principles of rapid innovation too. In the first half of this year, threat actors developed some 80 new families of ransomware—a 172 percent increase over all of last year, according to Trend Micro. And with ransomware as a service, it’s data kidnapping for hire.

A Crime That Pays
“Criminals are making piles of money,” says Norman. “Depending on the configuration of the IT system, ransomware is capable of taking everything down in a hospital, including medical devices and communications. It puts critical-care units into jeopardy. They will pay and pay fast.”

Stop the Ransomware Epidemic

Healthcare data is being held hostage by ransomware. Here’s how solution providers can help clients stay protected—and keep patients safe.
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Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the industries that has been impacted the most by the boom in networked communications and remote data storage over the past decade. The days of filing cabinets filled with paper patient charts have given way to massive digital repositories of patient data. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists throughout hospitals and clinics manage patient information through electronic health records that, ideally, make sure everyone who interacts with a patient is on the same page. Proponents say that these innovations are already bringing us a more effective, more efficient, and more personalized healthcare landscape.

Why the State of Healthcare Data Security Has Security Experts on Edge

Why is the healthcare world in particular stressing out security experts? And what does that mean for hospitals and security solution providers?
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