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Infographic: Cybersecurity for SMBs: Why it’s such a high priority

Learn why so few SMB customers have the security resources they need to address today’s cyberthreats.
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How to keep your customer's safe from hackers

Securing the Data Center

Read more to understand the challenges related to data center security.
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Don’t trust that email

This blog with our free downloadable infographic will help you and your customers learn to recognize and respond quickly to phishing attacks when they arise.
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Phishing attacks are on the rise. Do you know how to spot them and respond? 

Infographic: Social Engineering: How to recognize and respond to threats

Download this free infographic and learn to recognize and respond quickly.
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You’ve evaluated your customer’s network. You deployed the best IT security solutions available. Now the inevitable has happened: They’ve been hacked.

10 questions to ask after your customer has been hacked

These 10 questions can help you respond like a pro when your customers' networks get hacked.
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So, you need to run a penetration test (or “pen test”) on a client’s network? No problem. Here’s a checklist that should help you discover potential security loopholes in your customers’ networks.

Pen Test 101: A handy checklist for network penetration tests

Read this pen testing checklist to ensure you do it right the first time.
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Everyone knows that when you’re baking a cake, you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen because every chef has their own way of doing things. In the end, you’ll end up with a very messy kitchen and a cake that doesn’t taste like it should.

Too many security vendors on the network? Here’s why that’s dangerous

Many customers have as many as 70 different security solutions on their networks. Here’s how you can protect them from attacks.
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Within the span of only a few years, network security analytics has skyrocketed in prominence as a means of keeping business networks safe from cyberattacks—but not everyone is on board. Even if you’re working with security experts who have been installing patches and securing databases since the days of dial-up Internet, they might not be keyed into the place that analytics holds in today’s cybersecurity strategy. If they are working in an enterprise where there hasn’t been any serious investment in analytics, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to think about.

Security Experts: What You Need to Know About Network Security Analytics

The following facts will help you understand how analytics functions, what it’s intended to do, and why it’s so important that enterprises utilize it correctly
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While malware and hacking techniques are undoubtedly growing more complex, a surprising number of data breaches could be thwarted by implementing network security protocols that have long been considered fundamental to protecting networks. Network segmentation—splitting out a network into different subnetworks and appropriately regulating and monitoring access to each of them—is a tried-and-true way to prevent hackers from getting their hands on data. And it’s a method that TechTarget  posits has the capacity to drastically cut down on the severity of data breaches or prevent them entirely.

3 Tips for Strengthening Digital Security Through Network Segmentation

So how can your clients strengthen their digital security through network segmentation? The following three tips will help you understand
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Identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your customers' infrastructure can be a relatively straightforward process, especially if you use vulnerability assessment and penetration test services offered by your distributor. As a reseller, however, you've no doubt already found that persuading your customers to do something about those weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be a much more challenging endeavor. The next time you meet with a customer to discuss how they should address their network vulnerabilities, keep the following points in mind.

How Network Vulnerabilities Can Cost Millions of Dollars

The next time you meet with a customer to discuss how they should address their network vulnerabilities, keep the following points in mind.
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By Mickey Woods, Technology Solutions Engineer, Ingram Micro

Legal Eagles Fly on the Wings of Technology

Network security is a driving force behind the technology platforms that support the legal industry's need for fast, always-available information access.
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