Access control is a fast-moving market, growing at a rate of around 10.6 percent every year. And as new innovations and trends, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and remote access, continue to impact the industry, best practices for designing and installing these systems keep evolving.

3 Access Control Best Practices to Watch for in 2017

Access control is a fast-moving market. Here, we cover three of the key access control best practices for VARs in 2017.
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The access control market is expected to grow steadily over the next several years, and new trends and innovations are sure to emerge all the while. For value-added resellers (VARs) that sell access control technologies, it’s important to be prepared for the big changes that are already on the horizon.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Access Control

Is your business ready for the future of access control? If not, here are four ways to begin preparing.
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While many of 2016’s the biggest digital security news stories have been focused on the government, rather than those public-facing enterprise hacks of years prior, the lessons to learn from recent digital security news have remained constant. In a world where network communications technology is central to how every aspect of business and daily life is conducted, cybersecurity threats will continue to multiply at a breakneck pace, and digital security needs to be top of mind to every business, no matter the size.

The Most Important Digital Security Changes Expected in 2017

Here we'll explore the most important digital security changes expected for 2017.
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For years, security-industry experts have predicted that video surveillance would keep growing at a rapid pace, with many reports putting the global industry above the $70 billion mark by 2022—or earlier. Then, IHS Research found that surveillance growth had slowed in 2015, causing many value-added resellers (VARs) to wonder what is next for the technology.

What Does the Future Hold for the Video Surveillance Market?

Take a look at some of the key trends that are likely to impact the video surveillance market in the coming years
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The global access control market is forecast to be worth nearly $10 billion by 2022, with annual growth nearing 7.5 percent over the next six years. Access control has quickly become one of the top-selling segments of the physical security industry, and four important trends are driving its rapid growth:

4 Trends Driving the Growth of Access Control Technologies

Access control technologies have become one of the top-selling segments of the physical security industry, and four important trends are driving its growth.
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It’s a question that is often discussed at industry trade shows, on blogs, and throughout physical security publications: How strong is the video surveillance market?

10 Promising Signs of Video Surveillance Market Growth

It’s a question often discussed at industry trade shows, on blogs, and throughout physical security publications: How strong is the video surveillance market?
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Last year, Wired magazine featured a demonstration that showed precisely how easy it is for a hacker to take over the onboard computer of an automobile while driving down the highway in an adjacent car. This disturbing proof of concept for the high-speed hack may have made the population at large more aware of the fact that automobiles these days are dependent on multiple computer systems, and that those computers—just as much as any in a home or in an office—are potentially vulnerable to being compromised.

Digital Security Is About to Become a Priority for the Auto Industry

Here are a few reasons why effectively managing software vulnerabilities and addressing digital security has to become a priority for the automotive industry.
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Cloud computing has shaken up the business IT landscape from the server room and the data center to the desktops and laptops used by the least technical staff in a business. But when it comes to security, the role of the cloud might be elusive to the enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wondering how they can leverage it. Nevertheless, the cloud security market is growing, as cloud-based platforms become more popular options for staving off the increasingly complex, unbelievably numerous cybersecurity threats proliferating out there. Cloud security solutions are especially coming into fashion for online retailers and SMBs, which, while they can be quite small in terms of workforce, can still move a lot of money and data and be big targets for hackers.

What the Growing Cloud Security Market Means for Your Clients

Let's explore what the growing cloud security market means for your clients.
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Building security is always evolving. Just 10 years ago, the technology solutions used to protect a facility and its assets were much different from what they are today. And in another 10 years, even more exciting innovations will be entering the mainstream.

5 Building Security Trends Your Customers Need to Know

Building security is always evolving. We cover five key building security trends that your customers should know about right now.
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It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since the final deadline for Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) implementation came and went—or, more accurately, since the liability shift went into effect, making businesses, rather than card-issuing banks, responsible for comping chargebacks on fraudulent transactions at non-EMV point-of-sale terminals.

EMV Adoption: One Year After the Transition

Let’s explore the impact that EMV adoption has had so far, where it’s headed, and what your role is in the future.
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It’s a sad fact that our nation’s higher-education campuses must contend with the threat of crime and violence every day. From petty theft to the possibility of terrorism, today’s schools have to be prepared for almost anything.

4 Physical Security Trends in Higher Education

We count down four of the biggest physical security trends in higher education right now.
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