With gun violence and other physical attacks on companies making headlines these days, the interest in and demand for physical security-related technology are growing.

What's new in the physical security market

The interest in and demand for physical security-related technology are growing. An expert explains the newest trends.
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While more and more local coffee shops, airport terminals and hotels now offer free public Wi-Fi, security experts warn against using it. And for good reason—public Wi-Fi is unsafe and not to be trusted under any circumstances. Here are 5 reasons why:

Dangers of public wi-fi

More and more local coffee shops, airports and hotels now offer free public Wi-Fi, but security experts warn against using it. Learn why.
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From personal assistants like Siri to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has been making news a lot lately—and so have questions about what it may mean for the future of everything from business to national security. With visionaries predicting that AI may someday be able to rid the world of hunger, poverty and war, others are voicing concerns about issues like privacy and public safety. One of the naysayers, the late Stephen Hawking said, “Artificial intelligence may be the worst thing to happen to humanity”.

The top 3 AI security threats

Artificial intelligence has been making news a lot lately—and so have concerns about the security risks. Consider the top three.
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Drone usage is soaring. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that more than 420,000 U.S. commercial drones will be in use by 2021, up from 42,000 in 2016.

Advantages and risks of drones in the hospitality industry

Learn why drone use in rising in the hospitality industry—and the advantages and risks this presents for hotels and resorts.
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We live in a world where surveillance is everywhere. Municipalities have cameras on street corners. Banks are surrounded by cameras. University campuses are covered. Retailers are watching customers and employees. Indeed, thanks to the lowered price of surveillance solutions, a heightened need for surveillance and improved capabilities, we should never assume that our actions in public aren’t being recorded.

Hilarious and heartwarming surveillance videos

Ever-present video surveillance captures crimes and horrible events, but also funny, odd and entertaining ones.
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Infographic: 6 common hotel security pain points

This infographic will show you where to find the numerous physical security sales opportunities in the hotel market.
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The terms “cloud” and “mobility” have become a part of nearly every IT conversation, regardless of application or market, thanks to the benefits both can provide in making solutions more powerful and effective. However, within the physical security market—in both access control and video surveillance—cloud and mobility have been slower to make an impact. Still, things are changing and improving.

How the cloud and mobility are altering physical security

Here’s how the cloud and mobility fit within physical security—and how they don’t.
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In today’s highly competitive environment, retailers need to leverage every tool they can to not just remain competitive, but to stay in business. Many retailers are moving to an omnichannel model. That is, with the right systems in place, customers are given an improved and seamless shopping experience whether in-store or online (from a desktop, smart phone or tablet). To pull this off, retailers need unified databases of inventory and customers.

Video analytics deliver priceless retail intelligence

Here’s how to turn your video surveillance solutions into powerful assets for the retail market.
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A prospective customer wants you to install video surveillance cameras to catch would-be thieves working the neighborhood. They’re ready to buy cameras today. How often do you slow down the sale to dig deeper to ensure your solution is a fit and no needs are unmet?

Dig deeper to uncover potential physical security opportunities

Not following this advice could lead to dissatisfied customers and missed revenue-generating opportunities.
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Never say no to a surveillance job again                                          We’ve all been there. Your customer asks you to help with video surveillance, but the solutions are outside your core competency. Your mind begins racing. Can we do this? Do we want to do this? How much money could this bring in?

Ultimate physical security cheat sheet

Here’s a resource to help you talk to customers about their video surveillance needs when you don’t have security expertise.
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If you’re looking for attractive recurring revenue streams, high profitability and technology that can truly help your customers, look no further than video surveillance. The state of this industry is very healthy and, if you’re looking to get involved, the timing has never been better for three simple reasons.

3 reasons you should sell video surveillance

Video surveillance is your ticket to recurring revenue, high profitability and technology that can truly help your customers.
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