Physical security is one of those fast-growing industries that is making headway in nearly every vertical. From healthcare and education to retail, casinos, houses of worship, and city streets, security technologies are needed nearly everywhere, which makes them a fantastic addition to your value-added reseller (VAR) business.

Ways to Implement Access Control Technologies Across Various Verticals

Here, we take a look at some techniques for implementing access control technologies across various verticals.
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Every few months, a new study emerges that predicts the incredible growth of the physical security industry over the next several years. Overall, the market is booming, and individual verticals are reaching mind-blowing revenues: Utility security is nearing $400 billion, while education has hit $324 billion. Meanwhile, private sector security is expected to reach $377 billion this year.

6 Tips to Help Physical Security VARs Find Their Niche

If you’re just getting started in physical security, here are a few of our tips for identifying your specialty.
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The physical security industry is in the midst of a boom, and access control technology is helping to move the market forward. For value-added resellers (VARs) that are adding security to their product offerings, now is the time to look into access control solutions.

5 Vertical Markets to Focus on When Selling Access Control Technology

The physical security industry is in the midst of a boom, and access control technology is helping to move the market forward.
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While the finance vertical has historically taken a more conservative approach to cloud computing than many other industries, research is showing that these days, even financial services firms are embracing the cloud. They're doing so for the same reasons as other enterprises: reduced costs, increased agility, and accelerated innovation. But the finance vertical faces unique regulatory challenges that can complicate cloud adoption decisions. Here are three tips for selling a secure cloud solution into the finance vertical.

How to Sell a Secure Cloud Solution to the Finance Vertical

Financial firms embrace the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation. Here are 3 tips for selling a secure cloud solution.
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Become a Security Expert: 3 Products to Sell into The Growing Financial Market

Become a Security Expert: Here are 3 Products to Sell into The Growing Financial Market to build rewarding customers.
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By Mickey Woods

In an episode of “The Jetsons,” a two-day workweek was made possible by videoconferencing and personal computers.  It would be decades before these technologies were even available, and once they were, the vision of having less work to do quickly faded as the new abundance of information pushed the boundaries of the normal workweek.

The Future of Healthcare Collaboration

As technology is positioned to meet global demand for application services, IT executives and their teams will be challenged to deliver sensitive information while maintaining a delicate balance between performance and security.
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By Frank Coheley, Technology Solutions Engineer, Ingram Micro

As college students head back to classes this fall, the question on their minds is no longer, “Will I be able to connect?” Instead, it’s, “How many of my devices will I be able to connect?”

Education Sector Leading in Mobility

The education sector is leading the way in enterprise mobility deployments, but not without its own set of unique challenges.
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As we've discussed extensively in this space, BYOD offers an array of compelling benefits to organizations in just about every industry and vertical, but also comes with special security challenges that must be addressed with care. One of those is the public sector. In the course of providing public services, government agencies and their contractors often come into possession of confidential data whose exposure could carry dire consequences both for private citizens and national security. BYOD concerns for the public sector, therefore, demand extraordinary care. Here are two ways to mitigate those concerns.

2 Ways to Mitigate BYOD Concerns for the Public Sector

BYOD concerns for the public sector demand extraordinary care. Here are two ways to mitigate those concerns.
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In the past few years, BYOD's popularity has spread to nearly every vertical, and for good reason: No matter the industry, every organization wants to cut costs and improve worker productivity wherever it can. Some industries have been slower to adopt BYOD thanks to security and confidentiality concerns, though. Manufacturing is one of those industries. The tech industry now offers a plethora of BYOD solutions that can address manufacturers' BYOD concerns; here are three to keep an eye on.

3 BYOD Solutions to Research for the Manufacturing Sector

The tech industry now offers a plethora of BYOD solutions that can address manufacturers' BYOD concerns.
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In the healthcare industry, the security and data privacy stakes are high. Healthcare providers handle some of the most sensitive consumer information out there, including consumers' personal health histories and diagnoses, insurance and financial data, and identifying information. A breach can be disastrous both for a healthcare provider's reputation and its bottom line, thanks not only to lost business but also to stiff penalties meted out for HIPAA and HITECH violations.

3 Solutions to Prevent BYOD Security Issues in Healthcare

Here are three solutions to prevent BYOD security issues in healthcare.
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These days, Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere. Wireless networks are growing ever more ubiquitous, thanks to a proliferation of smartphones and tablets constantly on the hunt for connectivity. It isn't just hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, either. Wi-Fi in retail has been a hot topic for some time now, with its champions touting in-store Wi-Fi benefits like better business analytics, improved customer interactions, and a customized in-store digital experience. And consumers are growing to expect wireless connectivity no matter where they go.

How Retailers Can Protect Cardholder Data Across Wireless Networks

The threat of potential damage to a brand's reputation and revenues make protecting cardholder data critical to retailers' security strategies.
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