With gun violence and other physical attacks on companies making headlines these days, the interest in and demand for physical security-related technology are growing.

What's new in the physical security market

The interest in and demand for physical security-related technology are growing. An expert explains the newest trends.
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 So much of being a successful solution provider comes down to the ability to identify customer needs. Unfortunately, we often see that solution providers leave money on the table by missing opportunities with their customers. Whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge about what complementary upsell opportunities exist, lack of interest or time, or something else, the end result is a customer with unfulfilled needs and a solution provider not maximizing their sales potential.

Why every data center needs good physical security

Data centers often overlook physical security. This leaves them at risk while you miss a lucrative sales opportunity.
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Solution providers selling IP cameras for video surveillance alone could be missing out on a physical security love connection. There’s an important and exciting aspect of these powerful devices—the ability to collect valuable business intelligence that can have a monumental impact on your customers.

A marriage of video surveillance and business intelligence

Today’s video analytics solutions can provide powerful and valuable business intelligence to your customers.
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Ingram Micro Cybersecurity

Discover what IT and physical security solutions best protect schools, government agencies and businesses from cyberthreats and criminal activity. 

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