Ultimate physical security cheat sheet

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Oct 17

Oct 17


shutterstock_645999895.jpgNever say no to a surveillance job again                                          We’ve all been there. Your customer asks you to help with video surveillance, but the solutions are outside your core competency. Your mind begins racing. Can we do this? Do we want to do this? How much money could this bring in?

Some solution providers will ultimately pass up on the opportunity. Some will muddle along trying to ask the right questions and figure things out as they go. In both cases, there’s a better way that will yield not only satisfied customers, but most likely a larger sale.

If you reach out for physical security help, there’s a good chance you’ll speak with Jason Destein, a Technology Consultant II with Ingram Micro. Destein enables Ingram Micro partners, experienced and inexperienced, to be more successful. He’s talked to hundreds of solution providers and realized he could empower them with a worksheet designed to help them talk to customers about physical security.

The worksheet helps you ask questions you wouldn’t normally know to ask. For example:

  • What types of lighting are in the building?
  • Name some outdoor environmental factors.
  • What video management features are you looking for (24 options)?
  • Who will be operating the system?
  • What are your system expectations?

Honestly, even if you fancy yourself a surveillance expert, you’ll find this worksheet thorough enough to use as a pre-sales checklist.

With this worksheet, you can confidently talk to customers about their needs and uncover everything you’ll need to then spec out a physical security project with Ingram Micro. In fact, there’s a good chance the scope of the project will grow as the worksheet is filled out. And, because the worksheet is so thorough, there shouldn’t be any surprises or unmet expectations after the installation.

The next time a customer asks if you can upgrade their video surveillance or install something from scratch, don’t pass up the business. Use the following worksheet to ask your customer the right questions and then give us a call to turn that worksheet into your next sale.

Download your video surveillance cheat sheet below:

Click to Access your Cheat Sheet

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