What Distributors Know About the Secure Cloud That Vendors Don't

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Jun 03

Jun 03



With Amazon’s recent public announcement that its cloud business, Amazon Web Services, grew 49 percent in 2014 with $4.6 billion (a rate of growth 27 percent higher than the 22 percent growth of its core business), the conventional wisdom on cloud services is borne out in numbers—growth in the cloud space shows no sign of slowing. But as the technology grows, so do fears about the security of cloud-based data. The sheer number of retailers, organizations, and even hospitals whose data centers have been hacked in the past year has consumers, security experts, and enterprises alike wondering when the first major public cloud compromise will happen and what the fallout will be.

This puts selling solutions to maintain a secure cloud on the absolute bleeding edge of the business world, but also working in a space that can be filled with ambiguity, misinformation, and fears about liability. Going straight to a vendor for a security solution may be tempting, but in the secure cloud business a distributor can offer a world of knowledge that addresses the emerging concerns in the space. The stakes in the secure cloud game are high, and it is vital for sellers to work with distributors that can provide them with information that vendors are simply not positioned to know.  

Distributors Know the Whole Cloud, Not Just One Specific Portion

A secure cloud vendor may offer a solution targeted at one particular security need: for instance, a suite of BYOD or MDM tools. What the vendor may not have is an overall picture of an organization’s mobile workforce needs or the overarching cloud infrastructure an enterprise of that kind would want to deploy and, thus, its unique overall security needs. The latter scenario is where a distributor can step in to provide guidance and promote the best tools for the job.

Distributors See the Whole Picture When It Comes to Both Tech and Markets

How does an enterprise implement secure cloud solutions? How does it deal with security concerns that arise after a secure cloud install? How can security be continually ensured on a complex, customized network of software and hardware solutions with technology changing at such a rapid pace? Whether the cloud is public and a client is using SaaS services, the client owns the full infrastructure, or it is a hybrid cloud somewhere in between, these are questions that will arise. A distributor can offer security consulting education, information from certified security experts, technical support, and helpdesk services informed by a full picture of what is going on in the world of secure clouds, not just one piece of it. This value for the seller translates into value for customers. Distributors also have an eye on what’s coming, so as new solutions roll out to address the needs of burgeoning technologies such as software-defined networking, a seller isn’t left behind.

Distributors Know About Cloud Concerns That Exist Beyond a Vendor’s Purview

There is more to keeping some cloud-based endeavors secure than what an enterprise can handle with a suite of security tools or a hardware upgrade. Ubiquitous remote cloud-based social networking sites such as Facebook provide a host of potential security concerns for an enterprise, but they are a growing reality of the workplace. The problems they pose are frequently not the kind that can be fixed with a patch or a scan. Social engineering and other hacker exploits that play on employee naiveté, lack of institutional sophistication, or plain old-fashioned absent-mindedness are some of the biggest risks to the secure cloud. Distributors can keep a seller apprised of developments, solutions, and best practices in the rapidly-growing world of social media.

How prepared are you for customer inquiries about keeping a complex cloud environment secure?

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