Three Symantec Products Every Security Expert Should Know

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Mar 27

Mar 27



Today's enterprise is almost entirely digital. Business-critical applications rely on corporate networks, which must stay up, running, and uncompromised at all times, and much sensitive corporate data now resides on those very same corporate networks, making cybersecurity more important than ever. As your customers' trusted security expert, it's your job to not only keep up with the latest threats, but also know how your customers can protect themselves from those threats. Here are three common security risks and how to address them. 

1. Don't Let Compromised Endpoints Compromise Enterprise Security

The enterprise has become more permissive than ever before about personal device use and social media browsing while on the job, and employee morale has benefited. But keeping corporate networks and resources safe in the era of Facebook at work demands advanced endpoint protection, since malware, targeted attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are everywhere.  Viruses aren't the only game in town anymore. To effectively combat new breeds of attacks as they emerge, businesses must invest in intelligent, proactive endpoint protection capable of analyzing real-time data streams and leveraging large threat intelligence databases to detect and remove threats before they compromise corporate resources. Endpoint protection solutions must also be able to do so without noticeable latency or disruption to the end user. One such solution is Symantec Endpoint Protection.

2.  Keep Endpoints Safe, No Matter Where They Roam

The mobility trend and the global nature of today's enterprise means that more information workers are on the go than ever before, often taking sensitive corporate data and documents with them on laptops and other portable endpoints that are vulnerable to loss, theft, or unauthorized remote access. Businesses need data protection solutions capable of going wherever the workers go.

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, few technologies can beat encryption. Properly implemented strong encryption will render encrypted data unintelligible to all unauthorized viewers, even if the data itself has been stolen. It also fulfills many regulatory compliance and data breach safe harbor requirements. Look for an encryption solution that can deliver strong encryption not only to full disks, but also to removable media such as USB sticks and that provides a wide variety of options for management, control, compliance, and authentication. Flexibility and scalability are also critical in order to adapt the technology to both small and large enterprise data environments and to make it viable for rapidly growing ones. One such solution is Symantec Endpoint Encryption.

 3. Don't Let Public Clouds Bring Security Storms

Public cloud deployments can deliver significant cost savings and agility and scalability improvements to the modern enterprise, creating a competitive edge that's hard to do without. In order to take advantage of those benefits without sacrificing data privacy or security, however, enterprises need to plug their visibility gaps and take control of their public cloud use. Organizations with significant cloud investments—especially those with multiple public cloud deployments—should adopt a cloud management and security solution that provides their administrators with a single point of control for the management of access to third party applications and services. Such a solution should offer granular control over employee access and authentication and help administrators detect and address shadow IT adoption within the company. With clouds come shadows that can reduce visibility. Solutions like Symantec O3 can shed necessary light onto what's happening in the enterprise cloud.

Security has become more important (and more complicated) than ever as enterprise IT evolves. Luckily, as threats evolve, so too do the security solutions that aim to address them. Guide your customers to the most advanced, best-of-breed security products in the market so that they can take full advantage of modern IT trends without compromising their network and data security and privacy.

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