Symantec recently released itsannual report on the current IT security landscape, and much of the research is raising alarm bells for your customers:

Advanced Threat Protection: What Is It and How It Works

Advanced threat protection is a response to the growing complexity and ubiquity of attacks directed at IT. Learn how to protect from rising threats.
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Every year Symantec publishes a major report surveying the IT security landscape. This year’s report was recently released and it highlights in stark detail how quickly the size and scope of sophisticated threats is starting to negatively impact today’s businesses. Just consider some of the findings:

What Security Managers Need to Know about Defeating Advanced Threats

Defeating advanced threats is a challenge and an imperative. For Security Managers, it's important to provide a solution that doesn't add to IT Burden
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It's easy to assert than any and every piece of available technology is an integral part of an effective IT infrastructure. But the reality is that some pieces have limited utility, and others are entirely dispensable. That is not the case with backup storage devices, however. In fact, any company operating without these devices in place is putting their data – the most valuable asset they have – at risk. To help you understand why backup storage devices need to be added to your offering, the business case has been outline below.

Why Backup Storage Devices Need to be Added to Your Offering

To help you understand why backup storage devices need to be added to your offering, the business case has been outline below.
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9 Tips to Enhancing Your Server Backup Knowledge

Companies that don’t take the server backup process seriously often end up facing disastrous consequences that they can never fully recover from.
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Disaster can strike any enterprise at any time, but not even a Category 5 hurricane or a five-alarm fire can keep a well-prepared business down for long. In fact, the right backup and recovery solution, correctly configured and properly administered, can get your customers back up and running before the dust has even settled. Here are three things to know about today's backup and recovery software landscape.

Backup and Recovery Software: Top 3 Things Everyone Needs to Know

Backup software and recovery software: top three things everyone needs to know.
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For the corporate IT ecosystem, the reign of the company-issued smartphone and desktop is over. Endpoints have multiplied thanks to the enterprise mobility and BYOD movements. And although mobility and BYOD offer significant cost savings productivity improvements, they also multiply the security risks a company must face. Endpoint management is now a necessity. Here's a rundown of endpoint management basics (aka the 411).

Endpoint Management: Get The 411 On It All

Discover everything you need to know about endpoint management.
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Business continuity plans are a critical component of every sized business. Finding and advising on a total backup and recovery solution is mission critical. From SMBs to large enterprises alike, getting back up and running after unavoidable disaster is key to a quick recovery. During these times, businesses run the risk of human error, system failures, outages, and natural disasters, which can lead to significant downtime, lost revenue and productivity, and, even worse, catastrophic data loss.

Insider Exclusive: Simplifying Server Backup What To Know

Help your customers find a backup and recovery solution that simplifies server backup.
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