Your customers understand the absolute necessity of backup and recovery solutions. That makes evaluating the dozens of available hardware and software options and weighing the relative merits of each a confusing imperative. The goal is to find a solution that protects every piece of data against every conceivable disaster, but until a solution has been tested in practice, it can be next to impossible to determine if it delivers that level of reliability. Help guide your customers towards a solution they can trust their business to by focusing on the information that matters most:

How to Choose Backup & Recovery Solutions: What Customers Need to Know

Help your customers find backup and recovery solutions that they can trust their business to by focusing on the information that matters most.
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System outages and device failures can disrupt businesses of every size, from the smallest to the largest, and every one of your customers could benefit from an updated backup and recovery strategy. Many are turning to the cloud, only to learn that cloud backup and recovery can be a bandwidth hog and a painfully slow process. There's a place for physical backup storage devices in every organization. Here are three types of physical backup to protect data and make recovery fast and efficient, turning data loss events into mere blips in a business's overall operation.

Three Backup Storage Devices To Sell

Discover these three backup storage devices value-added resellers should sell.
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Back end server migrations are in the spotlight as the end of Microsoft support for Windows 2003/R2 approaches. Over 24 million machines currently run the popular OS, and the potential business impact of the end of official support could be significant for those who are unprepared. But back end server migrations are an inevitable part of the IT infrastructure life cycle. Use the coming mass migration as an opportunity to help your customers transform their data centers by keeping the following facts in mind.

How to Answer Back End Server Questions: Your One Stop Shop

Discover all the back end server questions and answers you need to know.
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