An often-overlooked and under-valued step in the rollout of a UCC solution is network assessment. Time and again we hear of problems that could have been caught and addressed if precautionary measures were taken before a technology order was even placed. As more UCC solutions move to the cloud and customers seek to leverage their wireless networks, it’s even more critical to take the time to make sure the network is adequate and properly configured. Here’s some advice to make sure you don’t make avoidable mistakes when it comes to wireless implementations.

Remove the risk from UCC-over-wireless

Follow these steps to ensure that your UCC solutions are stable and effective over a Wi-Fi network.
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We’ve all been in the situation where a client asks us if we can help them with a problem that would require technology or skills outside our core competency. We’re then forced to either pass up on what could be a nice opportunity because we don’t have the expertise or to risk taking the business on and winging it.

Quit saying "no" to videoconferencing projects

UCC solution providers possess a unique skill set that can take conference room installs to new levels of productivity.
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UCC may not be the first technology that comes to mind when you think of security compromises, but there’s still a potential risk. No one thought 1.5 million IP video cameras could be used as a botnet to mount a DDoS attack until it happened in 2016. Rather than wait for something to happen, it’s best to plan for the worst, especially when you consider these three truths:

Security best practices for UCC

UCC security shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some simple steps you can take to proactively protect your customers.
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Today’s hypercompetitive business landscape requires organizations of all types and sizes to provide exceptional customer service. One critical area where customers can have either good or poor experiences is a company’s call center. Even if your clients consider themselves customer-focused, they might fall short of expectations if their call centers lack these technology features, integrations and AI-powered capabilities.

6 ways call center solutions are getting smarter

These features, integrations and AI-powered technologies are making UCC call center solutions better than ever at improving customer service.
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When you think about the most lucrative verticals for selling UCC solutions, the public sector doesn’t immediately jump to mind. That’s changing. As state and local governments, public works departments, public safety officials and others look to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and better serve the community, any technologies that can help are of interest.

The rising need for UCC in the public sector

The public sector market is large and can benefit from UCC solutions. Are you poised to capitalize?
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Changes in the healthcare market over the past decade have created amazing opportunities for IT solution providers. With today’s strong focus on improving patient care and outcomes, IT investments aimed at lowering costs, making healthcare more accessible and increasing the effectiveness of treatment will get the attention of healthcare decision makers.

UCC-enabled telemedicine is just what the doctor ordered

Healthcare market conditions have created a terrific opportunity for UCC solution providers to implement telemedicine solutions.
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Google grabbed a lot of headlines last month at its I/O event when it showed how Google Duplex, an AI-based text-to-speech assistant, can book appointments on your behalf. Check out the following demonstration from the event.

Are AI-enabled chatbots your next revenue generator?

Text-based chatbots have reached new levels of power and capability, creating exciting opportunities for solution providers.
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Years before working remote was as prevalent as it is today, there were still jobs that required telecommuting. Some employees worked from home. Some could be in the field. Those early pioneers know that the technology of the time wasn’t accessible, affordable or efficient enough to overcome many of the challenges created by working remotely. Today, it’s a different story. UCC technologies have matured and are now accessible to any business. If you or your customers haven’t looked at UCC technologies lately, now is the time. Things have improved quite a bit between then and now.

UCC is critical for today’s worker

Here’s how UCC solutions are enabling the trend in remote working trend and creating a sales opportunity for solution providers.
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As the UCC category continues to mature, the technology keeps evolving—with new options being introduced all the time. The industry commonly divides UCC platforms into two categories:  on-premises and cloud. At Ingram Micro, we look at it differently, preferring to distinguish between “collaboration-first” and “voice-first” platforms. 

Surveying the latest UCC platforms

As the UCC category continues to mature, the technology keeps evolving—with new options being introduced all the time. Take a look at some of the most popular.
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Odds are, you’re reading this article on your mobile device. You’re at home or taking a break in the field before your next customer visit. It’s less likely that you’re in an office at your desk. Working remotely has been on the rise for some time now, and there doesn’t appear to be any signs of a reversal or slowing down—particularly when you consider that many millennials, currently the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, want the option to work remotely. A Deloitte survey showed that 75% of millennials said they want the flexibility to work remotely. Additionally, according to the latest survey results from Randstad US’ quarterly Workmonitor survey, 82% of U.S. workers said that the ability to work anywhere, anytime creates a healthy work-life balance.

Are you positioned to support mobile workers?

With technology playing such a significant role in the success of remote work, are you well-positioned to benefit?
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4 reasons why UCC is appealing to the millennial workforce

Are you or your customers struggling to attract and retain millennial workers? UCC technology can help.
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