Value-added resellers (VARs) that can incorporate their knowledge of their customers' business processes with their expertise in technology can create for their clients better efficiency; reduced overhead; increased analytic competence; and satisfied, more steadfast customers. Business process automation (BPA) can have a huge effect on an organization’s bottom line, and VARs that understand this will enjoy the profitability that comes with their knowledge and understanding. One way for VARs to become familiar with customer business processes is to focus on vertical industries and understand one industry well before moving on to others. Here are two examples of industries that are ripe for the implementation of BPA:

A VAR’s Guide to Business Process Automation Benefits

Here are two examples of industries that are in prime position to reap business process automation benefits.
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In today’s business environment, resellers and solution providers have plenty of opportunity to help enterprise business customers align and integrate unified communications and collaboration with their business processes and technology. The ability to help customers achieve this integration will help them become more efficient, enhance the end-user experience, provide better insight and analysis of business processes, reduce overhead, and streamline functionality.

A Solution Provider Intro into Business Process Integration

Here is a VARs introduction to helping their customers with business process integration.
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Enterprise unified communications and collaboration (UCC) has become extremely important to businesses over the last decade. Now, due to a variety of factors, UCC has become even more valued as a service in the cloud, also known as unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Nine Things VARs Need to Know About UCC in the Cloud

Nine things VARs should be aware of when selling UCC in the cloud to their customers.
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Unified messaging (UM) offers several benefits for employees by providing a single inbox for many message types. This single inbox not only makes administration and maintenance easier for IT, but also gives users a simple way to manage and interact with all of their communications in an organized manner. While the features may vary from vendor to vendor, in order for value-added resellers (VARs) to effectively sell and implement UM for their clients, they need a quick tutorial on key features of most UM systems, as outlined below:

A VAR’s Quick Guide to Unified Messaging Features

In Order for VARs to effectively sell and implement unified messaging for their clients, they need a quick tutorial on key features of most systems.
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Up until recently, value-added resellers (VARs) had to really sell the benefits of IP telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). Now the technology is aligned with the way people expect to communicate and work—dynamically and collaboratively, anytime and anyplace. VARs have a huge market of premises-based, managed, or hosted and hybrid IP and UCC sales available to them. For 2015–2019, VARs have a shot at $19 billion worth of UCC product and service sales per year. The global market for UC and VoIP (voice over IP) services will reach $88 billion by 2018. So what is UCC from the perspective of a VAR, and how can a VAR use it in order to make a profit?

What is UCC: A VAR’s Primer Course

What is UCC from the perspective of a VAR, and how can a VAR use it in order to make a profit?
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Interactive whiteboards are driving real transformation in collaboration for brainstorming sessions, classroom collaboration, meetings, and conference calls. Whiteboards are valuable tools for both business and educational needs. When educational institutions or businesses use interactive whiteboard solutions, classrooms and teams are better equipped to share resources, analyze ideas, and record data together. Developing new ideas and innovating are visual, interactive experiences for students and workers, and value-added resellers (VARs) can easily help clients with these tools that will help them succeed. Following is a quick guide to success with interactive whiteboard software:

A VAR's Quick Guide to Interactive Whiteboard Software

Whiteboards are valuable tools for business and educational needs. The following is a quick guide to success with interactive whiteboard software.
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Value-added resellers (VARs), like the technology vendors they partner with, are under increased pressure to find new revenue streams as their customers are stuck with flat IT budgets. So it's no surprise that a growing number of VARs are considering the transition to Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). The good news, whether delivered by voice, instant messaging, or video, is that it is clear that UCC is a great area to get into. Partners need to adopt a UCC strategy and understand from their customers what their business transformation strategy is from a sales, deployment, and adoption perspective. The market has changed as employees expect a greater level of collaboration and the flexibility to work across multiple devices from multiple locations.

How Collaboration Systems Can Add Value to Your Reseller Business

Understanding the importance of the core business applications and processes to be able to show the value in collaboration systems.
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UCC is a progression based on UM, and the two terms are often erroneously perceived as being synonymous. UM platforms have been around for more than a decade and provide a common graphical user interface (GUI) or telephony user interface (TUI) to access voicemail, email, and fax messages. When using a UM system GUI, users can click on a common screen and listen to voicemails, access their emails, or view fax messages. Some UM platforms have incorporated speech engines that, for example, turn email into text that can be listened to using a telephone, mobile, or desktop.

What Are the Differences Between Unified Messaging and Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified Messaging is a part of Unified Communications. UCC includes UM, but UCC also includes many other important products and technologies.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Are you a reseller/solution provider looking to take advantage of UCC? You can leverage the collaborative nature of these solutions to help your SMB and enterprise customers improve their employee productivity. How? Ingram Micro offers a suite of UCC-dedicated solutions—and the value-added services to support them—to enable you to meet a variety of end-user UCC requirements. And if you're already deploying mobile, cloud and virtualization solutions to your customer base, you can leverage Ingram Micro's relationships with leading UCC vendors to grow your business further.