IT solution providers today have a few great options when it comes to hosting and delivering their UCC solutions. While on-premises, or on-prem, used to be the standard (and remains a viable choice), cloud alternatives have improved by leaps and bounds, creating a compelling choice for most applications. Riding the line between the two is a hybrid approach where some UCC technology resides in the cloud while others remain on-premises. Let’s take a closer look at the merits and challenges associated with each.

Cloud, on-prem or hybrid UCC. What's best for your customers?

Understanding the merits and limitations of cloud, on-premises and hybrid UCC will ensure your customers get the UCC solution they need.
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Google grabbed a lot of headlines last month at its I/O event when it showed how Google Duplex, an AI-based text-to-speech assistant, can book appointments on your behalf. Check out the following demonstration from the event.

Are AI-enabled chatbots your next revenue generator?

Text-based chatbots have reached new levels of power and capability, creating exciting opportunities for solution providers.
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Years before working remote was as prevalent as it is today, there were still jobs that required telecommuting. Some employees worked from home. Some could be in the field. Those early pioneers know that the technology of the time wasn’t accessible, affordable or efficient enough to overcome many of the challenges created by working remotely. Today, it’s a different story. UCC technologies have matured and are now accessible to any business. If you or your customers haven’t looked at UCC technologies lately, now is the time. Things have improved quite a bit between then and now.

UCC is critical for today’s worker

Here’s how UCC solutions are enabling the trend in remote working trend and creating a sales opportunity for solution providers.
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Odds are, you’re reading this article on your mobile device. You’re at home or taking a break in the field before your next customer visit. It’s less likely that you’re in an office at your desk. Working remotely has been on the rise for some time now, and there doesn’t appear to be any signs of a reversal or slowing down—particularly when you consider that many millennials, currently the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, want the option to work remotely. A Deloitte survey showed that 75% of millennials said they want the flexibility to work remotely. Additionally, according to the latest survey results from Randstad US’ quarterly Workmonitor survey, 82% of U.S. workers said that the ability to work anywhere, anytime creates a healthy work-life balance.

Are you positioned to support mobile workers?

With technology playing such a significant role in the success of remote work, are you well-positioned to benefit?
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4 reasons why UCC is appealing to the millennial workforce

Are you or your customers struggling to attract and retain millennial workers? UCC technology can help.
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Research and analyst groups have nothing but positive things to say about the growth of unified communications as a service (UCaaS). But you don’t need analysts to tell you UCaaS is hot. New vendors have hit the market with cloud-based solutions sold as a monthly subscription, while incumbent vendors are changing their solutions to address this shift. Most importantly, your customers are now asking for monthly payments rather than costly CapEx projects.

3 ways to ease your UCaaS migration

Adjust these key business areas for a successful transition to UCaaS.
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How much emphasis do you place on training your customers to use their UCC solutions? We’ve found that many solution providers have little interest in offering training and when they do, customers often object to the additional cost. Because most of your competitors don’t offer training, you have a great chance to differentiate yourself, while also ensuring your customers get the most out of their investment.

Will lack of customer training be your undoing?

Here’s why you can’t afford to not train customers on your UCC solutions, and how you can do it affordably and effectively.
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When it comes to pro AV installs, you’re an expert. You have experience, confidence and know exactly how to address the needs of your customers. But lately your customers have started asking you about videoconferencing and you’re not sure if you have the means to get involved. The good news is, you probably do. Here’s a quick overview of what goes into a modern videoconferencing solution. As you’ll see, everything is well within your wheelhouse.

The jump from pro AV to videoconferencing is easier than you think

Here’s the essential information you need to start selling videoconferencing to your customers.
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UCC solutions are on the rise. According to one industry study, the global enterprise UCC market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% by 2022. It’s growth potential like this that has solution providers eager to get a piece of the action. However, before you approach your customers seeking an upsell opportunity, make sure you have these 10 probing questions committed to memory.

UCC checklist: 10 questions to uncover customer needs

Before you approach your customers seeking a UCC sales opportunity, have these 10 probing questions committed to memory.
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Cloud-based UCC solutions have come a long way. They’re more affordable, more effective and, more importantly, more reliable than ever before. Much of the reliability and effectiveness has to do with improvements in the technologies and codecs, but credit also has to go to solution providers getting better at building and deploying the solutions. At Ingram Micro, we interact daily with successful solution providers and know firsthand what they’re doing to build good cloud UCC solutions.

6 ways to ensure your cloud UCC solutions succeed

Here’s how to ensure that your cloud UCC solutions satisfy customer needs, are stable and perform as expected.
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In today’s digital economy, people need to communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime and from any device. That’s the promise of unified communications and collaboration (UCC). The market, which has been poised for growth for years, is now red-hot.

Untangle the Unified Communications Knot

Unravel the secret to earning better margins when you sell unified communications solutions.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Unified communications and collaboration are changing the way we live and work. Find out what it all means for you and your customers.


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