In today’s enterprise business environment, many companies have a dispersed workforce in one way or another. Some may have multiple offices or a headquarters and several branch locations. Many companies support work-from-home arrangements, and others have road warriors who primarily travel in order to perform their jobs. Contractors may be required to work in the office of the business that they support, making them remote workers as well. Remote workers must be able to be engaged with those they do business with, and if they are not, their companies may experience reduced productivity, resulting in lost revenues.

Three Ways That UCC Solutions Keep the Remote Workforce Engaged

The best way to keep remote workers engaged and connected is through the implementation of unified communications and collaboration solutions,or UCC solutions.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Are you a reseller/solution provider looking to take advantage of UCC? You can leverage the collaborative nature of these solutions to help your SMB and enterprise customers improve their employee productivity. How? Ingram Micro offers a suite of UCC-dedicated solutions—and the value-added services to support them—to enable you to meet a variety of end-user UCC requirements. And if you're already deploying mobile, cloud and virtualization solutions to your customer base, you can leverage Ingram Micro's relationships with leading UCC vendors to grow your business further.


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