VoIP (“voice over Internet Protocol”) systems are no longer limited to large enterprises, and many small businesses are opting for VoIP phones over landlines. There is certainly a growing shift toward VoIP systems for businesses of all sizes, due to affordability and reliability. According to a recent survey, over half of small businesses surveyed were evaluating VoIP systems for the workplace. Small businesses put a premium on both reliability and scalability when evaluating these solutions. The top four small-business phone systems for resellers to focus on today are listed below with descriptions of their benefits.

Top 4 Small Business Phone Systems to Sell Now

We take a look at the top four small-business phone systems and discuss the benefits for small businesses.
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Unified messaging (UM) is a solution that allows for the handling of voice, fax, and regular text messages in a single mailbox that a user can access either with a regular email client or by telephone. This provides convenience to the user by allowing them to check messages from wherever they are. The PC user can open and play back voice messages, presuming the PC has multimedia capabilities. Fax images can be saved or printed from the desktop. A user can gain access to the same mailbox by using a telephone or mobile device. Emails are converted into audio files and played back to the user on the phone. Unified messaging is convenient for mobile business users because it allows them to reach colleagues and customers through a PC or telephone, from wherever they are. Some services offer worldwide telephone access.

Unified Messaging: Seven Tips on Selling It to Clients

A guide for VARs to help articulate the benefits of unified messaging, thus becoming effective at selling this portion of the UCC solution.
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The main purpose of a VoIP headset is to offer the audio quality of headphones combined with the convenience of a hands-free communication device, thus allowing employees to type or take notes while chatting over the Internet. This makes VoIP headsets perfect for call centers and businesses where softphone applications and UCC services are the primary form of communication between employees and customers. They are also the best devices for telecommuters who work from home but need to stay connected with people at work, and for software that converts speech to editable text. VoIP headsets can also be used for recording podcasts or dictating notes.

Seven IP Phone Headsets Leading the Way

IP phone headsets perfect for call centers and businesses where applications are the primary form of communication between employees and customers.
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Many enterprises know that social media presents a powerful opportunity toward building their brand, but they often don’t know how to start or where to focus their efforts. Social media can be the perfect opportunity for enhancing relationships and expanding brands. The Web has become one of the most productive sources for finding solutions to exasperating problems, connecting with resources, building and maintaining relationships, uncovering talent, and researching clients, employees, and prospects. If a company is avoiding social media, it is invisible to those who are trying to find what your business has to offer. When a company is visible and available in the virtual world, it can expand its success in the real world. Connecting with the virtual brand community that represents a company’s products helps build and grow real relationships—relationships that will increase success and fulfillment.

Is A Social Media Communication Plan Something To Sell Into?

Selling a social media communication plan gives VARs the opportunity to influence customers' branding and overall digital communication strategy.
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Hosted unified communications and collaboration services can provide enhanced offers for managed service providers (MSPs, aka VARs) if the challenge of integration and customization is one of the VARs strengths. MSPs may need to scale hosted unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services to large enterprise clients and offer the types of customizable applications currently available with on-premise solutions. The ability to offer hosted unified communications and collaboration services provides a strong opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) as they grow their portfolios, but there are trials and tribulations along the way. The potential demand for hosted UCC is obvious. Recent research demonstrates that fifty-two percent of organizations are reviewing the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS), demonstrating that now is the time for MSPs to bolster their hosted offerings. Ways to sell to large enterprise clients include the following:

How to Sell Cloud Collaboration to Large Enterprises

Enterprise collaboration through the cloud offers solutions for implementation, integration, growth, security and training, and revenue opportunities.
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Enterprise social networking (ESN) and business communication tools are important in improving UCC ROI. Forecasts predict that the global enterprise social software (ESS) market will grow to $8.14 billion by 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11.3% in this period. ESN redefines traditional collaboration by bringing in a social edge to it and are not longer confined to traditional email and online meetings but also to social networking functionality such as micro-blogging, wikis, profiles, tagging and feeds. Social components on the intranet are not a new concept, but are beginning to gain traction as more and more businesses come to appreciate how they can improve collaboration, and in turn, productivity and revenue.

How Social Media and Business Communication Can Increase UCC ROI

To increase ROI, VARs can sell social media and business communication solutions that result in long-term, valuable customer relationships.
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Enterprises need to increase the range of their unified communications and collaboration applications and services to allow workers to be as productive as possible – no matter where they're located and what devices they’re using. The cloud is an effective delivery model for a large number of UC applications for an extended workforce, but where to start?

Cloud-based UCC appeals to organizations that rely on voice, messaging, presence and collaboration to improve business flow. Cloud-based collaboration solutions offer several benefits such as:

It's Time to Change Your Customer's UCC Collaboration Solutions to the Cloud

Cloud-based collaboration solutions appeal to organizations that rely on voice, messaging, presence and collaboration to improve business flow.
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Companies of all sizes and across all vertical markets have the need for some form of unified communication and collaboration (UCC).  The growing mobile workforce is driving the need for workers to communicate despite their location or the device they use, and the increase in use of video communication and collaborative tools have created new ways for people to interact. The worldwide premise-based UCC market is forecast to grow to$20.8 billion in 2016, according to a 2011-2016 Unified Communications Strategies study.  But are there some vertical markets that are better or easier to sell to?And exactly what is a fvertical market?A vertical market is a specific industry, like financial institutions. There are different specialties in financial institutions, from banks to credit unions to brokers and more. You could narrow the field and focus exclusively on financial institutions. But here are other ways to target vertical markets:

Workplace Communication: Which Markets Are the Best To Sell To?

Find out which markets you should be selling workplace communication solutions to.
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Collaboration through video conferencing is essential in today’s business environment. With the growth of technology, decision makers have more information available to them. Video wall solutions are a great way to manage visual information across an organization in a highly effective manner.Users can be in a control room, at a desktop or in the field as a mobile worker and can access the information at any time. With video wall solutions, employees can place diverse amounts of data, video or images on screens to create dynamic presentations that can target specific audiences or educationally enhance any area where display walls are exhibited. Some examples of digital signage verticals include retail outlets, department stores, entertainment and sports venues, banking, government, healthcare, transportation, hotels and schools. Video walls are an excellent solution to improve team collaboration and to focus attention on important, current issues with an extra-large display in a control room or meeting room application. The video wall market size is expected to grow from $4,118.03 million in 2013 to $17,956.26 million by 2020 at a CAGR of 23.44%. Some applications for VARS to focus on include:

How Video Walls Can Enhance Your Collaboration Solutions

Find out how video walls can enhance collaboration solutions.
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Unified communication and collaboration (UCC) and professional AV technologies aren’t simply the latest fad in workplace gadgets. These devices and systems are a response to the changing nature of communication, advertising, collaboration and the day-to-day work environment, and they have true staying power.

How VARs Can Increase ROI by Understanding UCC and Pro AV Technologies

Consider these four ways in which you can increase ROI by understanding UCC and pro AV technologies.
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Video conferencing is one of those exciting technologies that is experiencing a period of rapid growth. One of the reasons for its increased popularity is the fact that it offers end users a wide range of benefits, both in their day-to-day tasks and over the long haul.

5 Advantages of Video Conferencing VARs Should Know

Consider these five advantages of video conferencing for both end users and VARs.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Unified communications and collaboration are changing the way we live and work. Find out what it all means for you and your customers.


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