Business are striving for ways to better integrate communications between their sales, marketing, and customer service teams using new technologies that will allow businesses to grow and strengthen their current relationships over the upcoming years. Value-added resellers (VARs) that understand the statistics and strategies that customers are using in order to do this will find significant success. One statistic that can be used with clients is, according to Aberdeen Group, that “highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32 percent year-over-year revenue growth, while their less aligned competitors saw a 7 percent decrease in revenue.”

Effective Strategies for Selling Integrated Communications Systems

Here are some ideas that VARs can present to their clients in order to help them develop a successful integrated communications system.
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The demand for interactive whiteboard software is rapidly growing, and one of the industries adopting these collaboration tools is the manufacturing sector. IWBs can help manufacturing firms effectively build relationships within teams, clarify complicated issues, and enhance training programs. This, in turn, can provide the competitive edge that manufacturing firms are looking for and can improve productivity and overall understanding of product development and can effectively bring in remote resources for better collaboration. Here are some of the ways manufacturing firms use interactive whiteboards (IWBs).

Strategies for Selling Interactive Whiteboard Software to the Manufacturing Industry

Here are some of the ways manufacturing firms use interactive whiteboard software.
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VoIP describes the actual method of transmitting voice over an IP network; IP telephony (IPT) describes telephony devices that use IP as the native transport for voice and call signaling. IP telephony needs VoIP to send calls over the network; VoIP does not need IP telephony. An IP network that supports voice (telephony), video and data with proper quality-of-service features is also referred to as a “converged network.” Resellers that know their customer base will have a mechanism, like a CRM system, to keep track of what telephone equipment their customers are currently using, how long the equipment has been installed and when it is time to get in touch with decision-makers to discuss making a change.

Seven Telltale Signs It's Time to Sell a VoIP Phone System

If your customers have any of these requirements, a VoIP phone system could maximize business effectiveness.
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The global interactive whiteboard (IWB) market is expected to experience major growth between now and 2022. An IWB is a large interactive display that is connected to a computer, allowing computer images to be displayed using a digital projector. The IWB can be controlled using a pen, stylus, or even a finger. IWBs are rapidly emerging as one of the most successful and popular technologies for delivering content in classrooms, corporate board rooms, training rooms, and government agencies, and applications across these sectors are driving market growth.

Three Use Cases for Interactive Whiteboard Software

Interactive whiteboard software helps deliver content in classrooms, corporate board rooms and government agencies.
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Video chat has many advantages, both for in the office and for selling to clients. Applications for video chat inside the office include face-to-face conversations with coworkers in another part of the building or across the world, as well as support applications. Outside of the office, employees can contact customers, suppliers, and remote workers with video chat in order to conduct business in a more personal manner.

In and Out: Using Video Chat in Your Office and Selling It to Your Clients

Video chat has many advantages, both for in the office and for selling to clients.
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As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication matures, and as high-speed Internet becomes less expensive and more widely available, an increasing number of small businesses are moving their telephony services to VoIP.  In essence, a VoIP phone system for small business combines voice and data together on a single, secure network foundation.

VOIP Phone System for Small Business: 6 Vendors to Know

We highlight several premises-based offers that VARs should be aware of when researching a VoIP phone system for small business.
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Adoption rates of hosted VoIP are rising as more businesses seek to reduce the costs and complexities of deploying VoIP on premise. Enterprises are looking at revenue growth, enhanced productivity, and communication services, and then using ROI calculations to make a business case for a hosted VoIP phone system. Hosted IP telephony will reach 18.2 percent penetration of total business telephony users by the year 2020. Although some customers may have objections, there are many good reasons for companies to implement hosted VoIP.

Do Your Customers Need a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

Our article helps VARs determine if their customers have a need for a hosted VoIP phone system.
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According to a recent survey, the market in the fourth quarter of 2014 for overall video conferencing equipment revenue increased 15.8% quarter over quarter and 4.0% year over year. Total worldwide enterprise video equipment market revenue in 4Q14 was $613 million, up from $529 million in 3Q14. The total number of video conferencing units sold in 4Q14 increased 15.7% quarter over quarter and 25.0% year over year. There are many types of business video conferencing including, multi-codec immersive telepresence equipment, room-based video systems, personal video conferencing systems, including WebRTC, and video infrastructure equipment including MCUs and other video-related infrastructure. The sector with the greatest growth is in the personal video conferencing arena. One of the challenges customers are currently facing is determining exactly when and how to implement their video deployments as more software-centric and cloud-based service offerings become part of the enterprise video market landscape. There are many, many options and vendors to choose from, but a list of popular video conferencing providers follows.

Video Conferencing Vendors: A Complete List of Which to Sell

There are many, many options and vendors to choose from, but a list of popular video conferencing vendors follows.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Are you a reseller/solution provider looking to take advantage of UCC? You can leverage the collaborative nature of these solutions to help your SMB and enterprise customers improve their employee productivity. How? Ingram Micro offers a suite of UCC-dedicated solutions—and the value-added services to support them—to enable you to meet a variety of end-user UCC requirements. And if you're already deploying mobile, cloud and virtualization solutions to your customer base, you can leverage Ingram Micro's relationships with leading UCC vendors to grow your business further.