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Infographic: Here’s your cheat sheet to begin selling videoconferencing

Here's an easy-to-digest infographic to help you begin selling videoconferencing to your customers.
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When it comes to pro AV installs, you’re an expert. You have experience, confidence and know exactly how to address the needs of your customers. But lately your customers have started asking you about videoconferencing and you’re not sure if you have the means to get involved. The good news is, you probably do. Here’s a quick overview of what goes into a modern videoconferencing solution. As you’ll see, everything is well within your wheelhouse.

The jump from pro AV to videoconferencing is easier than you think

Here’s the essential information you need to start selling videoconferencing to your customers.
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UCC solutions are on the rise. According to one industry study, the global enterprise UCC market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% by 2022. It’s growth potential like this that has solution providers eager to get a piece of the action. However, before you approach your customers seeking an upsell opportunity, make sure you have these 10 probing questions committed to memory.

UCC checklist: 10 questions to uncover customer needs

Before you approach your customers seeking a UCC sales opportunity, have these 10 probing questions committed to memory.
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It’s easy to get overly excited about a market opportunity and dive in without proper planning and preparation. Doing so runs the risk of improper implementation, upset customers and a negative bottom line. Therefore, before you start selling UCC solutions, there are a few things you should know to ensure your first foray is successful.

4 things to know before you start selling UCC

Actionable advice to ensure your first foray into UCC is successful.
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2017 was a great year for UCC technology innovation and 2018 looks to be equally promising based on a recent conversation with two of Ingram Micro’s resident UCC experts, Curt Vurpillat, partner technical enablement, UCC, and Chad Simon, senior category strategy consultant, UCC. The duo recently shared their insights into what solution providers should be keeping an eye on in 2018 and beyond.

Q&A: The future of UCC, 2018 and beyond

Two UCC experts share their thoughts on next-generation UCC technologies worth watching in 2018.
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While it’s true that technologies like VoIP, videoconferencing and chat are transforming the way businesses operate, if you really want to provide value to your customers, it’s time to get into the workflow collaboration game.

2018 resolution: Get involved in workflow collaboration

If you want to provide value to your customers—and add a revenue stream for yourself—it’s time to get into the workflow collaboration game.
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Infographic: Put pizzazz in your line card with interactive flat panels

This free infographic contains 6 irrefutable reasons why you should sell interactive flat panels today.
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There’s no denying that video and telephone conferencing have come a long way. In fact, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Audio and video are higher quality, connections are more stable and new features help improve business outcomes. Still, there are bound to be occasional technical glitches and human error that can negatively—and often humorously—impact conference calls. For example:

When conference calls fail

Read about some of the technical glitches and human errors that can negatively—and humorously—impact conference calls.
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“We want to increase sales. Where do we look?” It’s a question we hear often. While the answer can vary depending on the size, location and capabilities of the solution provider asking, there’s one answer that’s almost always correct: focus on business outcomes.

Here’s why your UC sales pitch should go beyond voice

The timing has never been better for voice-only solution providers to begin offering video, chat and collaboration tools.
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Most solution providers are technologists first and marketers, salespeople and business strategists second. Because of this, it’s not surprising that many concentrate on pushing product—and focus solely on how to sell more of it. However, it’s more effective to center your UCC strategy on finding out what a customer needs, what problems they’re having and how to help solve them. The end-user experience plays a vital role in uncovering client needs, solving actual problems and building truly satisfied customers—ones that will lead to repeat and referral business.

Earn repeat and referral UCC business

The end-user experience plays a vital role in uncovering client needs, solving problems and building truly satisfied customers.
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“How can I start selling videoconferencing?”

Confidently cash in on videoconferencing

Savvy solution providers know that videoconferencing creates revenue and keeps competition at bay.
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