There’s no denying that video and telephone conferencing have come a long way. In fact, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Audio and video are higher quality, connections are more stable and new features help improve business outcomes. Still, there are bound to be occasional technical glitches and human error that can negatively—and often humorously—impact conference calls. For example:

When conference calls fail

Read about some of the technical glitches and human errors that can negatively—and humorously—impact conference calls.
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“We want to increase sales. Where do we look?” It’s a question we hear often. While the answer can vary depending on the size, location and capabilities of the solution provider asking, there’s one answer that’s almost always correct: focus on business outcomes.

Here’s why your UC sales pitch should go beyond voice

The timing has never been better for voice-only solution providers to begin offering video, chat and collaboration tools.
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Most solution providers are technologists first and marketers, salespeople and business strategists second. Because of this, it’s not surprising that many concentrate on pushing product—and focus solely on how to sell more of it. However, it’s more effective to center your UCC strategy on finding out what a customer needs, what problems they’re having and how to help solve them. The end-user experience plays a vital role in uncovering client needs, solving actual problems and building truly satisfied customers—ones that will lead to repeat and referral business.

Earn repeat and referral UCC business

The end-user experience plays a vital role in uncovering client needs, solving problems and building truly satisfied customers.
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“How can I start selling videoconferencing?”

Confidently cash in on videoconferencing

Savvy solution providers know that videoconferencing creates revenue and keeps competition at bay.
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Converting leads into sales takes time, skill and money. That’s why, when you have a new customer ready to spend, you need to make sure you and your sales people aren’t leaving any revenue on the table. Unfortunately, all too often we see solutions providers do just that. Before your next sales appointment, make sure you keep the following three money-makers top of mind.

Don’t miss these UCC sales opportunities

Before your next sales appointment, make sure you keep the following three UCC money-makers top of mind.
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Last year, Ingram Micro announced the acquisition of NETXUSA, a UCC value-added distributor focused on VoIP solutions and IP phones for telecommunications service providers and resellers. Here’s a look at how this union is benefiting your business.

3 ways you can benefit from the NETXUSA acquisition

Last year’s Ingram Micro-NETXUSA acquisition is providing some business-altering benefits to UCC solution providers.
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Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) have been receiving a lot of press lately, and for good reason. Not only have costs come down, but real-world applications beyond video games are becoming more commonplace—and they’re business-altering. Take for instance, retail, where store brands are attempting to give customers an improved shopping experience by providing virtual fitting rooms—customers can see what clothing looks like without having to put the clothing on.

How virtual and augmented reality will improve your UCC installs

Real-world business applications are proving that virtual and augmented reality will help solution providers build better solutions.
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The technologies used to conduct conference calls and meetings haven’t changed much over the years. What improvements we’ve seen were mostly centered on improved call quality, not new features that make it easier and more effective for us to collaborate. That’s about to change thanks to some cutting-edge technologies hitting the market.

UCC AV: the future has arrived

Paper-thin OLED screens, spatial audio and center-of-table devices are just a few ways to address today’s collaboration needs.
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Cloud-based UCC solutions have come a long way. They’re more affordable, more effective and, more importantly, more reliable than ever before. Much of the reliability and effectiveness has to do with improvements in the technologies and codecs, but credit also has to go to solution providers getting better at building and deploying the solutions. At Ingram Micro, we interact daily with successful solution providers and know firsthand what they’re doing to build good cloud UCC solutions.

6 ways to ensure your cloud UCC solutions succeed

Here’s how to ensure that your cloud UCC solutions satisfy customer needs, are stable and perform as expected.
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Many UCC solution providers are attracted to the sales opportunities they hear about in other markets. For instance, healthcare and finance—two heavily regulated verticals—can, indeed, be quite lucrative. However, before you attempt to get your piece of the pie in either market, you need to understand that the regulations driving the IT spending also add complexity to the solutions. Here are the top 3 things you need to know about successfully selling UCC in healthcare and finance:

Top 3 things you need to know about selling UCC in healthcare and finance

Healthcare and finance can be lucrative markets for UCC solutions if you understand these 3 things.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Are you a reseller/solution provider looking to take advantage of UCC? You can leverage the collaborative nature of these solutions to help your SMB and enterprise customers improve their employee productivity. How? Ingram Micro offers a suite of UCC-dedicated solutions—and the value-added services to support them—to enable you to meet a variety of end-user UCC requirements. And if you're already deploying mobile, cloud and virtualization solutions to your customer base, you can leverage Ingram Micro's relationships with leading UCC vendors to grow your business further.


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