You spend a lot of energy and resources on sales and marketing. Convincing prospects to trust in your abilities takes time and effort. Building out a complete solution requires research, planning and a team with technical expertise. In short, a lot has to come together for you to have the chance to create a satisfied customer. Unfortunately, one small mistake can overshadow all your hard work.

6 conference room mistakes you can’t afford to make

Make sure your next videoconference solution doesn't fall prey to these common oversights.
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When it comes to pro AV installs, you’re an expert. You have experience, confidence and know exactly how to address the needs of your customers. But lately your customers have started asking you about videoconferencing and you’re not sure if you have the means to get involved. The good news is, you probably do. Here’s a quick overview of what goes into a modern videoconferencing solution. As you’ll see, everything is well within your wheelhouse.

The jump from pro AV to videoconferencing is easier than you think

Here’s the essential information you need to start selling videoconferencing to your customers.
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A few months ago, we discussed why selling mobile work solutions is easier than ever. We know that videoconferencing, like UCC, is another area where there’s lingering doubt, confusion and some apprehension. With that in mind, we thought we’d dispel some other misconceptions solution providers have—this time toward videoconferencing.

5 videoconferencing myths shattered

There’s never been a better time to offer videoconferencing solutions, and UCC solutions in general, to your customers. Here’s why.
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Video conferencing benefits a wide spectrum of end users in a variety of ways. Video conferencing can help start-up businesses, established organizations, and educational facilities by reducing travel costs, enabling remote users, increasing understanding of what is being discussed, and building relationships. Value-added resellers (VARs) that understand how to position the benefits of video conferencing can basically sell it to anyone.

Benefits of Video Conferencing: From Schools to Start-Ups

Let’s look at various types of organizations and discuss the potential benefits of video conferencing that VARs could present to their customers.
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The benefits of telecommuting for businesses are clear: increased employee productivity, reduced costs, and improved flexibility are among the many. In fact, according to a recent study, 91 percent of remote workers believe they “get more work done when working remotely,” compared to only nine percent who feel they don’t.

Advantages of Video Conferencing for the Virtual Office

Here we'll explore a few advantages of video conferencing for the virtual office.
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Unified Communication and Collaboration Through Ingram Micro

Unified communications and collaboration are changing the way we live and work. Find out what it all means for you and your customers.


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